Sketching on unknown territory

I believe that there is at least one characteristic that is shared by all sketchers without exception: we dive in!

On unknown territory

One of the opportunities you get while being a sketchnoter is the chance to actively learn about stuff you would otherwise not consider. I’m not a developer, analyst, nor software architect and as a consequence I don’t know a bit about Agile and Lean practices. Let alone what a Kanban Leadership Retreat does. (do you sleep in yurts and practice shadow fighting during the

And so I did when the ACE! conference in Krakow, Poland came with the idea to create sketchnotes of the different talks and their speakers.

Having watched all talks, I set for the talk on ‘Organisational Culture: the forgotten bit’ by Pawel Brodzinski. Next to kanban, etc. I was inspired by the way how he approached culture in a corporate context. During a former career as an art director in a large publishing company I came across the same problems. Now almost 20 years ago. We were as a design department a so called culture pocket in a much larger context. Pawel came up with insights that are not only applicable to IT (that’s the context of ACE!) but to every department in an organisation. I tried to get that idea into the sketchnote.

And his conclusion couldn’t be more to the point:
“Understanding your culture around you and understanding what you personally expect from a company may help you to realise that in your current organisation you won’t be able to pursue your goals. And it may be a good time to move.”

I left that company in 2007 and have no regrets.

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