12 Indicators that your car might be in trouble?

The complete list by carpathy 🚨

The Check Engine Light is your car’s way of saying it needs help 🤒

Your car is a machine and you need to take proper care of your car to get the most out of it. Indian roads are known for their potholes, bad drivers and domesticated animals crossing all the time. 🐒🐄🐶

You need to be extra cautious while driving. You also need to take care of your car — under the hood and need to be vigilant to all the signals that your car is giving.

The everyday wear and tear is stressful for the car and getting a check engine light can be frustrating as you are not quite sure what is wrong with the car. People still run their cars with the light and don’t realize the consequences of not getting it checked.

So here’s the complete list of check lights on your dashboard and their meanings that you should be aware of.

This will be helpful for people who are not familiar with the ins and outs of driving a car.

1. ABS

Due to self diagnosed fault with ABS system. Normal breaking will work but may “lock up” while braking.

2. Fog Beams

Fog lights are activated.

3. Air Bag

Fault with one or more airbags within the car.

4. Master Warning Light

There is an unidentified problem with the car. Get your car to Carpathy and we’ll fix it. 🙋

5. Brake System

Hydraulic Pressure has been lost or fluid levels are low.

6. Open Door

One or more doors are not closed properly

You can call us at 🤙 882110011 (Carpathy)

7. Check Engine

Have a professional check your car to diagnose any of the listed problems.

8. Seat Belt

One or more people are not wearing their seatbelt.

9. Tire Pressure

One of more tires don’t have the optimal tire pressure.

10. Emergency Indicator

Emergency lights are activated.

11. Windshield washer fluid

Low washer fluid is detected and needs to be topped up.

Your car might need a coolant top up.

12. Engine Temperature

The engine is currently overheated and needs to cool down.

Now that you’re accustomed with all these lights, not taking action might result in your car stalling or worse 🙅‍ total engine failure 🙅‍.

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