5 Annoying Habits of Indian Drivers that Need to Be Fixed!

While driving in India, there is only one guideline that every driver must be conscious about— keep all your senses alert, at all times! This is because people here follow rules for the traffic police and not for their personal safety. You can witness a lot of wrong road ethics followed by Indian drivers, which are potent of actually landing you in jail if it wasn’t for India.

Here are some of the most annoying habits of Indian drivers:

1. Incessant Honking

You are patiently waiting on a junction for that signal light to turn green. Few seconds to go and then this one fellow starts honking! Driving home from work you are stuck in the heavy traffic, eager to reach home yourself and then someone behind starts honking like it would make all the cars in front evaporate! We all have faced this irksome part of driving on Indian roads when the other people can’t keep their hands off the horns.

2. Yellow Light Racing

This group of drivers may have got the meaning of ‘yellow light’ wrong because instead of slowing down, they speed up! Basically, these people try to cross the signal before the light turns red and thus put their own life as well as of others at risk. This is a dangerous habit that also tends to disturb the traffic unnecessarily.

3. The ‘Cut’ Driving

When it comes to drivers on the Indian roads nobody can miss the most irritating lot — the ‘cut’ drivers. In this absurd driving technique, the driver makes a sudden pass around your car for overtaking, turning, etc. These drivers have no sense of direction and appear to be utterly confused while driving. They love to surprise the cars around by showcasing their weird driving skills.

4. High Beaming

Most of the drivers in India always keep their lights on high beam, completely ignoring the road ethics. Now, this becomes really problematic during late night driving, as the high beam strains the driver in front. And no matter how much you signal them, some people just cannot use dippers at night.

5. Quick Lane Changing

While driving on Indian Highways, you will notice that people have a cloudy concept of ‘lane driving’ on their minds. Owing to this, there are several different lanes created by people, trying to get into that ‘imaginary’ fast lane! This produces the most annoying species of Indian drivers, the ones who change lanes quickly. They would suddenly make a left or a right without giving any indication and ignore everyone around.

Driving in Indian Cities can be typically difficult if you are new here, and sometimes, even if you are not! It’s not just the roads dotted with potholes that make driving here a challenge, but also these weird habits of the drivers.

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