5 Tips on How to Maintain the Car Tires!

Tires are the only contact between the road and the car, hence, the extent of wear they go through is probably more than any other peripheral your car is equipped with. The utility of tires is not limited to the grip only! A healthy set of tires mean more safety, comfort and mileage. This wide range of feasibility of tires give them a place in the bucket of your car care priorities.

Here is a list of some easy tips that may help you in maintaining your tires in good condition for long.

Weight Relief:

Sometimes, you need to reduce the weights attached to the tires, which can get dislodged. If you find them missing or placed improperly, then get them fixed a.s.a.p. Air in car tires matters a lot when it comes to long drive and driving under hot conditions. So, you should always get it checked and balanced before the journey.

Valve Care:

Valves avoid the entrance of wasteful particles and keep your car tires good for a longer period of time. They also plays a role of primary air seal and resist the dust particles suspended in air. It’s mandatory to keep a periodic check on the condition of valves.

Stack Them Up!

If your car is not in use for a longer period, then it’s better to put your car on supports and stack up to the tires in a cool place as to to prevent them from getting deformed. Try to avoid crushing your tires under heavy objects.

Tyre Pressure:

Professionals suggest to get the tire checked once every month using a properly calibrated gauge. Tire pressure needs timely alterations depending upon various factors like season and tire utility.

Tyre Rotation:

Tyre rotation is important for even wear of all the tires. Try to follow any constant pattern of tire rotation. Usually, a car needs to be aligned when it begins to pull to one side.

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Nothing is built to last forever, and the same implies to the car tires as well. We hope this guide by Carpathy will help you spend a loner time with the same set of tires. For any car related assistance, contact us! Car tire replacing service at doorstep is among many of our wide range car care related solutions.

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