6 Driving Tips for Women Drivers!

Before any one gets any ideas, this article does not stereotype women’s driving skills. In fact, we want the ladies to take their car with more confidence and let the society cringe at the sight. When it comes to women driving, there are various factors that make the roads unsafe for women. So for them, the rules and safety list has few points extra.

Here are a few tips for women to stay safe on the road.

1. Always keep your seat in the right position (according to your comfort). Often, the seat of your car may be adjusted as per a male body and it may not be right for you. Just position your seat correctly and drive comfortably.

2. Avoid wearing heels while driving. We know how much you love them, but when you are in a car, it is really important that you get a right pair of shoes which do not hinder the accelerator and brake function.

3. Learn the basic mechanics like changing a flat tire, popping the hood, refilling coolant and oils, etc. This is very important for a women, because oftentimes they skip this part of learning and then find themselves helpless during difficulties. So it is best if you learn this stuff and stop relying on others in case of emergencies.

4. ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, well, it makes women perfect too! So it is advisable that you master your driving and parking skills by practicing more and more.

5. Pay attention on the traffic, keep your eyes on the road and drive on.

6. Always remember to have things for self-defence in your car. Remember there still are those who think of women as objects and are disrespectful towards them. It is of utter importance that you keep yourself safe from these people. If you have a regular route of going back and forth to a place, you should be even more careful.

So ladies, just grab that steering wheel and rule the roads like a queen. Don’t worry if you ever face any issue with your ride, just call Carpathy. Our professionals facilitate you with the best car care solutions at competitive prices.

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