6 Ways to Enhance The Life of your Car!

One of the most expensive possession of your’s, your car is not just a luxury, but a family member! A kin who you always turn to for assistance, for long drives, for vacation trips! But sadly, like any other member of your family, your car will grow old too, and more sadly, relatively faster than any other of the associate of the family.

We know that nothing lasts for ever, and same applies to the car you own, but increasing its life is certainly something that is in your hands. Here are a few tips for you by Carpathy to extend the life of your ‘Modern Day Chariot’:

1. Keep a Regular Check on Fluids.

There are about half a dozen fluids flowing in the capillaries of your car. Brake Fluid, Engine Oil, Antifreeze, Transmission Fluid, Steering Fluid etc. are some examples of the fluids that must be checked for level and quality regularly. It is preferred to change the engine oil after every 5000–6000 km of drive. These fluids help maintain the cursive functioning of the various peripherals, hence prolonging the fuel efficiency and performance of the car.

2. Avoid Short Trips.

Cold Starts are always jarring on the car engine, fuel efficiency and environment. If a car doesn’t run for long, the un-evaporated moisture in the engine compartment condenses and flows into the muffler rusting a hole in it. Hence, try to commute small distance travels on your car. Rather, consider covering small distances on feet or bicycle instead of four wheeler; it will be beneficiary for your health too.

3. Take Care of the Tires

Car tires require your special attention. It is suggested to keep the position of tires rotating after every 10,000 km of use. This helps to distribute the onus of vehicle equally on all four wheels. Also monitor the brake pads for any wear regularly. Also, always keep the tires properly inflated. If you notice any uneven wearing of the tread or shaking of vehicle at high speeds, go for an alignment check.

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4. Timely Wash and Clean the Car.

The suspended pollutants, dust & salts accumulate on the car body promoting premature fading and rusting, hence, timely washing is always preferred to help that paint on your car body last longer. Never use household detergents for car cleaning as they catalyse oxidation. The car cabin traps moisture, thus it also requires periodic cleaning for prolonged life.

5. Accelerate the Car Steadily.

Never give your car a hustled start. The thick and cold engine oil needs some time to heat up and reduce the strain on the engine. Start the car and go off gently. This also helps the battery last longer as suddenly accelerated starts put a lot of strain on the car battery which responsible for the ignition. Idling a car in any such case is a completely wasteful task, so, simply turn the keys inside, turn the ignition ON, accelerate tenderly and enjoy the drive.

6. Never Skip any Car Service.

Follow the car manual and check the car service and maintenance schedule. A car service covers all sort kindness that your car craves for after the sustained use. Skipping a car maintenance service is the harshest oppression one can inflict on his/her car. Therefore, never ever skip any car service.

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