Carpathy Monsoon Car Service offer

Carpathy presents to you the ‘Monsoon Service package’ across Delhi NCR starting at just 999.

This limited period service package ensures customers have their car ready for the monsoon with specially designer package to tackle the problems associated with rain.

Every Monsoon, cars have a torrid time. With the wonder of rain, we also get endless traffic, hidden potholes and the car doesn’t fare well with water.

The muddy water affects the headlights, the wiper blades, the electricals, the brakes, the interiors and pretty much deters the car from running in these rains.

So we at carpathy, went ahead and created our monsoon package.

The Monsoon Package

  1. In our monsoon package, we will clean the brake pads for optimal braking. We’ll also top up the brake fluid.
  2. We’ll top up the washer fluid and wash the windshield so as to remove that oil film and dirt that accumulated over the summer.
  3. Visibility is key, so we’ll wash the headlights for better lighting. We’ll check the wiper blades and cleanse the windshield. We’ll also replace the wiper fluid.
  4. Electricals are at the most risks during these months, so we’ll see to it that your battery and cabling are checked upon to avoid short-circuiting.
  5. We’ll also check the treads of your tires and your mud flaps so that you can race through the muddy water.
  6. We’ll also do a water test to find any leakages to protect the interiors and you from the rain :)
  7. We would also inspect the car for signs of rust and fix the damage which left untreated will be expensive later on.

All this for just ₹999

We assure the service will be quick and will most likely take upto 3–4 hours.

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