Cracking the Top 6 Car Maintenance Myths-Carpathy Guide.

Car is one of the most cherished assets you own. After spending a huge amount of money on buying your favourite make, it is really upsetting to feel the performance of your gradually dip down. This is when your car requires maintenance. Sadly, there are so many myths dwelling in this market that don’t let you prevail the best maintenance for your car, in fact, they sometimes end up misleading you!

Just follow this blog to know how these hoax about car maintenance were misguiding you all the way till now:

1. Premium Fuel Improves Performance.

This is an expensive mistake that many car owners commit. Vehicles run absolutely perfect on regular 87 Octane fuel. Pumping in Premium Fuel doesn’t harm your car, but doesn’t do any good either! It is simply a wastage of the hard-earned money that you spend on high octane fuel expecting an enhancement in your car performance.

2. It is Necessary to Idle the Car before Driving.

Car idling or warming the car before a drive is a common practice for many people who got their hands on that steering wheel (especially in winters). This is a pure misconception that your car engine needs ‘warm-up’ before you start driving. Modern engines require no idling, just turn the ignition ON and you’re ready to go. Stop wasting the fuel and harming the environment!

3. Use Detergents for Car Washing.

Washing the car with household detergents might give your car a temporary shine, but in the longer run, it’ll only end up shortening the life of your car’s paint. Detergents strip the coating that your car paint comes with, which eventually catalyses the oxidation process.

4. Topping Up the Brake Fluid Solves it all.

Blindly refilling the Brake Fluid and thinking that you’ve solved the trouble you were facing with the brakes is yet another misconception regarding car maintenance. Usually, the Brake Fluid level drops down because of the wearing out of Brake Pads. So don’t forget to get the brake pads checked next time if the Brake Fluid level drops.

5. The Battery Has Recharged after Jump Start.

Battery takes several hours to recharge even after a jump start; reason being the electricity used for running other appliances in your car like the audio system, AC etc. that leave the alternator with a very less amount of power to charge the battery. You might think that the battery is alright but, deal with a dead one next morning. Thus, it is advised to get the battery checked by professionals after a jump start.

6. Authorised Service Stations are better than Independent Ones.

The most common myth — Authorised Dealers will give your car the best service. It is nothing but a false sense of security that people develop in their minds. Independent Service Stations, however, have the better manpower and all the spare parts used are absolutely original. Having worked on all different cars makes the independent mechanics more skilful. Well, you can try Carpathy out to get this myth debunked!

Now that we’ve busted these myths related to car maintenance, we hope that you’ll be spared from the mistakes you were making till now, or the ones you were about to make. For any maintenance or service related assistance, you can contact Carpathy. Our professionals make car servicing in Delhi NCR easier than ever.

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