How to get most out of your Car’s AC?

The sun is showing totally no mercy and the blazing heat is all set to scorch you up. In this merciless summer, the only scope of relief once you step out of your home is your car’s AC.

Now take a few seconds to imagine your condition if your car’s AC stopped working. Wasn't that horrible? Well, this horrific imagination can soon turn into reality if you don’t take proper care of your car’s AC.

Just like any other asset of your car, the AC also needs serious heed and periodic servicing so it can give you the optimum output. Here we have prepared a list of ways through which you can get the most out your car’s AC.

  1. Blast the AC at high speed in the Start

Did you know, the temperature inside a car parked in the sun can reach as high as 80 °C? This happens because the car behaves as a greenhouse. Starting the AC in such hot conditions can lead to demeaning of its performance.

To avoid this, blast your car AC at full speed and open the windows. Let the hot air blow out. Once you start feeling better, close the windows and readjust the AC speed.

2. Turn OFF the Re-Circulation Mode in the Start

The Re-Circulation feature maintains the pressure of the AC system by circulating the inner air trapped inside the car. But when you start the car, it is already too hot inside. So, at the start, turn OFF the Re-Circulation Mode and let the hot air ventilate out.

Once the car is cool enough to make you feel comfortable, turn ON the Re-Circulation Mode.

3. Keep the Windows Slightly Open

The AC system works by eliminating the hot air inside the cabin. By keeping the windows partially open, you manually help the AC by letting the hot air blow out.

This increases the efficiency of the AC and lets the fresh outside air enter the cabin.

4. Climate Control

The automatic AC and climate control system works differently from the manual ones.

If you own a car that is equipped with Climate Control feature, then start the AC at a low speed. This helps in faster cooling of the cabin. Once the cabin is cool enough, adjust the temperature according to your requirement.

5. Maintenance

The car AC system requires timely management. If you witness any fall in the performance of your car AC, get the system checked by professional mechanics, probably those of Carpathy :)

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