How Used Car Dealers Can Deceive You?

Obscuring the faults and exaggerating the forte is something that the used car dealers are adept at. No matter how good negotiator you are, they’ll always be two steps ahead of you.

Used cars are more reliable than ever. The ownership expenses (Insurance, Tax etc.) are low and they may last dependable for long. Such deal in fact can turn out to be a shrewd decision, but not always! These decisions become a nightmare when you become a victim of smart deception by the car dealers. It’s only after you exchange the hands on the car and free the dealer of all the liability that you perceive the snag.

Beware of the following tricks of salespeople that they might use to swindle you.

  1. Conceal the Car History

Your decision to buy the car or refuse the deal depends majorly upon the history of the vehicle. Nobody wants a car that was wrecked in any accident in the past. But just a cheap piece of shoddy work is potent of hiding the havoc faced by the car from your eyes. No car dealer will ever disclose the history of a car that has been through calamity.

2. Take Advantage of Your Hurry

The moment the dealer realises that you are in a hurry, your possibility of getting victimised increases. Customers in hurry are the best channel for clearing off the faulty pieces. They may say, ‘take your time’, but believe us, they never mean it! It is just a cheap psychological trick used for inception of false faith.

3. Hefty Discount, Just for You!

Tempting the customers by stating that they are offering a hefty discount is just another psychological trick. Unless you are personally dear to someone, no one will ever offer a discount ‘only to you’! Offering unnecessary upgrades in the car is another way to add a few more thousand buck to the value of the car.

4. Clever Wordplay

This is one of their best tools to persuade you to buy something that they want to sell, and not something that you want to buy. ‘Are you looking for a sedan?’ or ‘Have a look at this SUV’ are the sample of sentences that narrow down your room of thinking. “It had only one previous owner, an elderly couple” he or she may tell you. Only half of their claims may be genuine.

5. Certified Car

This is one of the biggest scams persisting in the used car market. Cars sold under with a tag of ‘certified used car’ are often just another used car with a fake label. These cars are sold at higher prices as the dealers claim that them to be diagnosed for faults.

How to Tackle this Deception?

It is always your due intelligence and attitude that will help you tackle the deception. Follow the pointers stated below to dodge the tricks of used car dealers:

  1. Stay calm and vigilant. Even if you’re in hurry, never reveal it.
  2. Check all the car related documents thoroughly and try to know the history of the car.
  3. Do some homework. Pre-decide your budget and choice of make before visiting the dealer. This will help you tackle their clever wordplay.
  4. Inspect the car at a personal level. Click Here to know how.

5. Third-Party Inspection

Last and the most important step. Never buy any used car without getting it diagnosed by a professional. There are many threats hidden in a used car that are impossible to figure without the assistance of a car professional.

Don’t ever trust those ‘certified car’ labels. As soon as you make a choice, finalize it only after a third-party car inspection.

We at Carpathy are a team of highly skilled car professional who can identify any defect even in the darkest corners of a car. With over 75 service stations across Delhi NCR, we are the pioneers of car servicing and inspection. Before buying a used car, bring it to us. We will diagnose it on all grounds and present you a detailed report that will assist you in taking the right step and deciding the actual price of the deal.

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