How to Inspect a Used Car?

Thinking of buying a used car from a friend or a dealer? Well, this task has always been a gamble as one in every three used car buyer finds himself/herself cheated or victimised by clever advertising and false claims.

Examining a used car thoroughly before going for a buy is the only way to incline this gamble in your favour. Here are some tips to inspect a used car like a pro.

  1. Check the Engine

Start from the heart of the car. Make sure that engine is in a perfect condition because fixing any engine related issue in future can result out to be an expensive deal. Listen to the engine grunt carefully and proceed further with the inspection only if you hear no odd sound. Also ensure that all the hoses and belts are free of cracks.

2. Check the Smoke Colour

A petrol car in a good condition should emit a colourless smoke. Any colour in the exhaust smoke (deep blue, deep white or black) indicates a problem under the hood. However, light black smoke from a diesel car is acceptable, but dark smoke in this case, is also a warning sign. Also check that the coolant and engine oil are in good condition.

3. Interior Inspection

Ensure that all the assets inside the car are in a good shape. Verify the performance of Air Conditioner. All the mats under the seats and in the trunk should be thoroughly checked. See if all the meters in the instrument panel gauge are working properly and look out for any wear or tear in the seats. Open and close all the windows to confirm their smooth mobility.

4. Exterior Body Inspection

Consider yourself fortunate if you find a used car that is free of minor dents and scratches, otherwise, ignore them. Avoid buying any car that has been through any major accident. Examine the body paint by touching it and look for any shoddy body job/repair. Verify the proper opening and closing of doors, and functioning of door key cylinder. The condition of tires is also a ‘must-check’. Click Here to know how to inspect the car tires.

5. Test Drive

Take the car out for a spin and check out its performance on different terrains (road and off-road). Judge the ride on the basis of transmission, braking, and suspension performance. Never compromise with the comfort. While driving, keep the ears open to any strange sound coming from the suspension or engine or from any other damaged peripheral. If possible, do go for a test drive at night to check the windshield anti-glare and headlamps performance.

6. Documents

Scrutinise all the car related documents (RC, Insurance, RTO forms etc.) in order. Examine the papers rigorously. Ensure that there are no dues from the traffic police.

7. Third-Party Car Inspection

No matter how thoroughly you check the car, some of the most treacherous threats will remain hidden from you in the darkest corners under the hood. Hence, after you find a suitable car for yourself, get it examined by a professional third-party car inspection team like Carpathy. Third-Party Inspection debunks all the potent menaces in all the nooks of the car and certifies whether you should go for the purchase or not. It is always strongly recommended to go for a pre-purchase third party inspection before buying a used car.

So, if you’re planning to buy a used car, examine it properly and hand over the Third-Party Inspection task to Carpathy. Our team of professional mechanics will hunt down all the possible hidden problems and give you the most genuine grounds of decision making. Entrust Carpathy and become a Happy Buyer, not a Victim!

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