The Ultimate Checklist for your next Roadtrip

Plan your trip the right way 🚗

It’s a long weekend. You are planning a road trip. You head out with your 3 best friends or your loved ones and they are fighting over who first called “shotgun”.

You’re all ready for the trip and heading towards your destination. You hit the highway and midway you suddenly remembered that you forgot to take your DSLR with you. 😟 The worst things is that you’re too far away to go back and you always regret you couldn’t take those spectacular photos.

We’ve all been there. We always forget the small things in a hurry. With so many things in our mind, we are bound to miss out on some.

Well, 🙂Lucky for you, we’ve created the ultimate checklist for road trips so that everything is a taken care off in an ordered manner...

STEP 1 — The Backpack

Start with your backpack. It’ll hold the most important things for the trip. Also get a small notepad where you can list the things you’ll need. You can also download a Checklist app like Google Keep.

Here’s the List for your backpack:

Phone Charger, Power Bank, Flashlights, Extra Batteries, Towels, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Comb, Razor, Shaving Cream, band-aids, an antiseptic.

The notebook, Your driver’s license, Spare Cash, Spare Key of your car. You can also carry your camera, selfie-stick (These comes very handy).

STEP 2 — The Luggage

Now comes your luggage. This includes the suitcases. It’ll hold the extra things that you’ll need for the trip. This will include pillows, blankets, a small case for drinks and snacks for the way. You can also carry your Kindle or a book if the driving duty is divided. Also carry a football, Frisbee, Board games. If you like to stretch in the wilderness, then you’ll also need a Yoga mat. You can also carry your Guitar. Also carry a map.

Apps for your trip: Google Maps, Music Apps like saavn.

If you are going camping then also carry a Tent, Sleeping bags,…

STEP 3 — The Car

When you’re done with all things for your trip, the final step is how you get there. Carry a Spare Tire & a Jack in case of a flat.

Also get your pre-tour inspection done for your car. The inspection is necessary before the trip so that you don’t get in trouble during the trip.

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I guess we’ve covered almost everything you’ll need for your trip. If you think we missed anything or have any suggestions, comment below :)

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