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A peaceful automnal afternoon with my son
The author owns this image: an actual picture of my son

I don’t consider myself rich, but I got this beautiful sight in the forest which I believe is worth much more than all the money in the world.

It’s close to where I live in the city, and I can go there whenever I want.

There’s something about it that makes me feel at peace. Every time I go there, I see something different — a new animal, a new plant, and thousands of trees.

It’s my little escape from everything, and it’s always worth the trip.

Need a Well-Deserved Break From the City

I went there with my son on Saturday to get out of the city. He got sick for a few days last week, so I thought it would be the best thing to do; escape de monotony of a 9-to-5 life.

Usually, where I live (South of Montreal, Canada) it is getting very cold (around 10C degrees or less) at this time of the year but this weekend, we had some “end-of-summer-like” weather around the low 20’s.

I even had to remove my jacket at one point in time because the sun was beating down on us.

This Cannot Be Beaten

I’m not sure if any of you reading me here as any experience walking in the forest in autumn but nothing beats the smell of the trees getting ready for wintertime.

The musky odour of the leaves that have been shed from the sky, falls like rain on the ground.

When you walk on it, you hear this crushing sound that reminds the sound of crushing cookies.

The birds that are getting ready to go thru a rough time for the next 6 months.

The Squirrels are making sure to gather as much food as possible to fill up their food reserve for the winter.

Squirrel gathering food for winter
Unfortunately, I haven’t snapped that shot: Copyrights acquired

I could hear the children from other families running around in the leaves making pills and jumping into them!

PS: Adults do that too, it is so much fun…and why not!

Being Rich is What You Make Of It


I will not bother you much more with this post, but I meant to tell you how appreciating I am of my life even if I’m not rich but I got this beautiful heaven near my place which is called:


Have a wonderful week! See you in the next post.

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