Five Star Wars gadgets all fans should own

As Star Wars fever grips the nation Dublin City Council even turned the Spire into a giant lightsaber last night for the premiere we take a look at five gadgets all Star Wars fans should own … or gift to Star Wars fans this Christmas.

Sphero BB-8 Droid

Top of the gift pile for any Star Wars aficionado this year will almost certainly be the Sphero BB-8 — if you’re into Star Wars this is definitely the droid you are looking for! Control your BB-8 with your smartphone or tablet and see BB-8’s personality develop the more you interact with it. We were particularly charmed by BB-8’s range of emotions; if you tell it to hide it will get scared and will get excited if you send it on missions around the house. It even has a holoprojector just in case you need to send it in search of Obi Wan Kenobi …
 Price: €169.99

HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook

If you’re shopping for a new laptop this Christmas, stay ‘on theme’ with HP’s Star Wars Special Edition Notebook. Dedicated to the Dark Side, you’ll find plenty of preinstalled Star Wars content, including story boards. A full HD screen offers the perfect environment to catch up on the previous Episodes, while the Lightsaber-red backlit keyboard is pretty cool, whether you’re a gamer or just have to type a report in low lighting. Just remember not to succumb to the darkness …
 Price: €849.99

Star Wars Spoiler Blocker

If like us, you won’t get to see The Force Awakens until at least next week, you might want to avoid the inevitable spoilers floating around online. Luckily, you’ll find just the thing on the Google Chrome Web Store – an extension that detects spoilers on a webpage and blurs it. You simply install it onto your Chrome browser and start surfing. While this will take care of online spoilers, you might want to also avoid all the newspapers and magazines covering Star Wars for the next week. 
 Price: Free

Lightsaber Escape

Another nice little freebie for Star Wars fans is Google’s Lightsaber Escape game. Turn your smartphone into a lightsaber by calibrating it with a Chrome browser and battle Stormtroopers to your hearts content. Offering some impressive functionality, feel The Force and control your lightsabre by loving your smartphone from side to side.
 Price: Free

iHome Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

You certainly won’t get this one in time for Christmas but we think it’s worth the wait. The iHome Death Star Bluetooth Speaker is the ultimate gift for a Star Wars fan — it’s officially-licenced merchandise, it’s got a decent 30ft range, it’s easy to charge with a micro USB, and, best of all, it lights up when you use it.Sure what more would you want?
 Price: €55.36

Originally published at on December 18, 2015.

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