CARRE4 Submission Guide

Shanel Pouatcha
Aug 25, 2020 · 2 min read

So you want to submit an article to CARRE4? No problem! Here’s how.

CARRE4 is a publication focused on “All things Redefining Humanity”, and as you can imagine, a lot of different topics can fit right in here. Whether it’s science, technology, literature, politics, or just life advice, as long as it fits the general theme of redefinition, change, or societal/personal effect, it belongs here!

At CARRE4 we care about what’s new, developing, impactful, or thought provoking, and how it may affect things.

A few topics we especially love

  • Emerging Science and Technology
  • Social Media
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Innovation
  • History
  • Causation & Effect
  • Challenging general norms
  • Intersectionality & Interdisciplinary topics
  • Theories of thought
  • Futurism
  • Economics
  • Interdisciplinary concepts
  • Forward approach thinking
  • Life Improvement

There is no one writing style, length, or form that we prefer — just keep the writing clear, you, and original!

Tips on grammar for clear, compelling writing:

  • When you submit a story, we will only make grammatical edits. There will be no changes to story content.

Want to stir up some original ideas?:

Some questions to answer when writing for CARRE4

  • How will [blank] change the way I live?
  • How will [blank] change the way society functions?
  • How will [blank] affect [blank]?

If approached to submit a story and added as a writer

  1. Click on the three clear dots at the top right of your draft or published article
  2. Refer to the publications section
  3. Click CARRE4
  4. Submit and Save
  5. If you are added as an editor of CARRE4, you have clearance to automatically add your stories to the publication

If you are not yet added as a writer and would like to submit a story

  • Leave a comment below (In this Article), something along the lines of “I would like to be added as a writer”
  • Once you’re added as a writer you can submit stories to the publication.

*To be clear, being added as a writer doesn’t mean you are binded to CARRE4 in anyway. It just means that you have the option to be published in CARRE4 when posting your articles. You can be a writer on multiple publications — and publish elsewhere too — that’s totally ok!*

Feel free to ask any questions down below! Happy writing :)

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The Intersections of Science, Technology, Culture, Society, and All Things Redefining Humanity

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