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Conflicts in The United States.

Looking at the present situation of conflict in each country, there is more to learn and discover how to find a solution to end all these conflicts that rise on daily bases.

Firstly, we have to understand that no two nations are alike. In each country and every nations we have different culture lasted for thousands of years and also generations of rulers and emperors and so on, so it is unwise to compare Nations and Countries one against each other.

For more clarity, taking the United States for instance, with all the present development of crisis and riot going on in United States, we don’t have a country like the United State that everyone come together under one law, that is, everyone can do whatever they feel like, as long as you don’t hurt one another, you have freedom to build your own life.

Therefore, this is how they've grown up, and with the ongoing crisis and riot unfolding make this year a perfect year of their development because a country that has develop its Ego in a personal way like the United States has done, there is none like it, no second it, everyone can do whatever they feel like doing, they've no education towards any form of unity, no one is thinking about it that they own something to the nation, to the country they’re living in, they don’t have it naturally in them.

Looking at other country such as Russians, they feel like they are part of Russian people, the French countries, and many more countries we can take examples from, but Americans don’t have that, we can’t grasp these qualities in them, and therefore their future is very dangerous to humanity, and it will be a major source of all problems, because they’ve developed more egoistically than everyone else, once the ego ceases to be the point around which the entire world revolves then they will be the center of problem for the entire world, because they have bigger vessels for the reception of ego that also requires a lot of time to be corrected.

Is there a possible way out? Truly we can’t stop what is happening in the United States but we can sort of smooth things, firstly we must recognize that from Nature there’re only two forces i.e. plus and minus, positive and negative either way you want to call it, and both two forces are necessary needed, you can’t cancel either of these forces both are nevertheless needed, the only thing one can do is to learn how to work with both forces for the betterment of the society as a collective.

Therefore, the negative is only revealed as a preparation for the positive or saying evil is revealed as a preparation for the good, how to make the American people and the entire world see and understand we need connection and unity is the process that Nature gradually unfolds, only if the Americans and the rest of the world will learn the method of correcting evil inclination and move towards good and nice connection between them and the rest of the world. why?

Because, United States is the only country in the world that is multicultural of many religions, cultures and nations, so it is required of them and the rest of nations living within United States to start learning the method of how to connect in a good and nice way towards each other and to live in good and nice atmosphere together working towards connection for the betterment of their society as a whole.

That is their only hope for survival, better for them and better for the rest of the world.




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