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How to Achieve Environmental Sustainability Through Inclusiveness

The planet has witnessed an acute increase in the degradation of her environment. Human activities and pollution majorly cause havoc, and no part of the earth is currently untouched by its impact. Climate change, biodiversity loss, and the ozone layer’s continuous depletion cause harm to many lives.

Some of the havocs are attributable to technological inventions and scientific innovations. Besides that, industrial activities also lead to the discharge of chemical compounds, flawed sewage systems of households, and toxic chemicals, contributing to environmental degradation.

According to a report published by the Global Carbon Project and Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre, an estimate of 35.39 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide were emitted in 2017. A report titled “Healthy Environment, Healthy People,” released in 2016 during the UN Environment Assembly’s second session, revealed that environmental degradation and pollution cause almost a quarter of today’s deaths.

With the annual rise of carbon dioxide emissions and a degrading environment, there is a need for environmental conservation and sustainability. This occurrence culminated in the adoption of a sustainable development declaration in 2015 by 147 Heads of State. Inherent was a global agenda of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including Environmental Sustainability, with time-bounded targets. The inclusion of the Environmental sustainability goal was informed by the recognition of the threat experienced by the environment.

If there is an urgent takeaway, it is that to make the environment safe and clean. Multilateral organizations, global north, and international south countries must collaborate towards salvaging the planet. Inclusiveness is essential to make this feat achievable. Global South countries will endure the worst part of environmental change, even as they endeavor to defeat poverty and advance economic development.

For these nations, climate change threatens to widen weaknesses and genuinely sabotage possibilities for advancement. Therefore, these countries must also pursue the environmental sustainability agenda.

Tackling the massive test of environmental change requests phenomenal inventiveness and participation. An “atmosphere shrewd” world is conceivable presently. Everybody needs to act since what we do today decides tomorrow’s climate and the decisions that shape our future.

Today, countries emit ozone-depleting substances that trap heat in the climate for even hundreds of years. We are building power plants, stores, houses, transport frameworks, and urban communities. The innovative advancements and harvest assortments that we pilot today can shape energy and food sources to address 3 billion additional individuals by 2050.

Inclusion is essential to the achievement of environmental sustainability. And we all need to work together- individuals, organizations, and states. Environmental change cannot be settled without nations collaborating. Together, we will improve energy efficiencies by creating and conveying clean advances to develop green by retaining gases. We need to preserve human existence and natural assets.

Tomorrow’s climate expects us to construct infrastructure that can withstand new conditions. We also need to utilize restricted land and water assets to supply sufficient food and biomass for fuel. These actions will save biological systems and reconfigure the world’s energy frameworks. To protect our planet, we must galvanize action.

Author: Adelowo Oguntola





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