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How to wear a digital outfit?

Dressing up is always quite a challenge. Either in a situation when you don’t know what to wear (I’m sure everyone had this kind of trouble at least once in a lifetime), or when you’ve already decided on your outfit, but those skinny jeans won’t fit, so you have to practice the traditional voodoo dance: down lying, legs lifting, body squeezing.

There is also another rather ‘painful’ process almost every girl experiences in the cold season or dress code-abiding event — putting on the stockings. Here come snags, holes, wrong sizes... Brrr

But there is a process even more frustrating — dressing up when your only purpose is to take pictures and refresh your Instagram.

Keeping in mind all the struggles with putting on the clothes I’ve experienced myself, DressX team decided to simplify this process with digital clothing to the most possible extent. Here is a brief manual of how to wear a digital garment:

  1. Take picture in which you’d like to be wearing a digital item


Moreover, if you’d like to make things easier and faster for digital dressing (hence for yourself), please mind a couple of suggestions about the photo you’re about to choose for this:

  1. The perfect picture should consist of form-fitting clothing and minimal clothing like a swimming suit

Here is an example of the perfect picture to work with:

Sounds like a piece of cake — so it is! Following a couple of rules, you’ll look stunning in your digital outfit. And by the way — digital clothes fit all forms and sizes, so there is no need in giving up a dessert :)



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