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How Your Clothes End Their Lives

In our epoch of affordable goods abundance, one doesn’t have to think about where to go to find another super quality (or not) clothing. Store-fronts of shopping centers and pages of online stores dazzle: from budget casual blouses to exclusive haute couture outfits. The service time of clothes that used to last for years is now reduced to one or two seasons. Capricious fashion dictates new trends, and a changeable female nature asks for new garments as often as possible, because today clothing isn’t just a means of protecting the body from external factors, but a way for self-expression, self-affirmation, and self-presentation.

The thing is that hardly anyone has been thinking of what happens with the garment when it becomes not comme il faut for their wardrobe. Usually, those clothes end up at some site with all the organic and non-organic waste, and decompose for decades or even more. In order to prove my point here are some facts: it takes 1 to 3 years for the cotton T-shirt to decompose, and more than 40 years to decompose the synthetic shirt.

The old unused clothes pile up and need to be disposed of. There are different ways to tackle this problem:

  1. Throw away everything you don’t wear anymore (as a rule, we can’t bring ourselves to throw away decent items which have been paid for from our own pockets).
  2. Upcycle (btw some modern brands have built their companies on it).
  3. Give it to friends and family.
  4. Recycle.

All in all the fashion industry as every other forges ahead and offers more sustainable means of both production and utilization. Especially if we consider the above-mentioned fact, that clothing has long ago become the way of self-presenting. Moreover, since we all went for a lockdown — online self-presenting. One of these means is digital clothing. And if we have already puzzled out that its production is far more sustainable than regular, what is with the utilization?

At DressX we compare the End of life phase for real physical garments and the alternative of them — digital garments.

Physical clothes:

Digital clothes:

Tidying up your closet and acquiring new skills is a great way to organize your thoughts and vital rhythm. Remember: by getting rid of the old, you give space and opportunity for something new and groundbreaking to appear in your life.

Co-authored with Elena Saraniuk



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