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[Paper] Single-Path NAS: Designing Hardware-Efficient ConvNets in less than 4 Hours (Image Classification)

Training Time 5,000× Faster Than MnasNet, 25× Faster Than ProxylessNAS, 11× Faster Than FBNet. Outperforms MnasNet, ProxylessNAS, FBNet & MobileNetV2


1. Multi-Path NAS vs Single-Path NAS

1.1. Multi-Path NAS

Multi-Path NAS

1.2. Single-Path NAS

Single-Path NAS

2. Single-Path NAS: Search Space

2.1. Single-Path NAS Search Space

Single-path search space

2.2. Searching for Kernel Size

Searching for Kernel Size

2.3. Searching for Expansion Ratio

Searching for Expansion Ratio

3. Single-Path NAS: Differentiable Runtime Loss

Hardware-efficient ConvNet found by Single-Path NAS (Orange Part is not found by NAS)

4. Experimental Results

4.1. ImageNet classification

ImageNet classification accuracy
ImageNet classification accuracy with various channel size scales



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