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Taboo: Pulling back the veil on Instagrams “male-gaze”.

Female self portrait artist has her most challenging series struck from platform before it doubled down on the value of the male-gaze.

Photographer, Gabrielle Steberis, in white tank top and jeans with a black belt wears her red hair in spacebuns in a series of narrow framed self-portraits. Rock symbol raised, two arms raised, rock symbol with pout, rock symbol with a cheeky tongue, and finally a sultry pout with a powerful feminine posture.
A white female with a black veil over her eyes lies supine on a bed of multicoloured clouds. Her hands cover her nipples while the rest of her bossom is jewelled. Between her open legs is an open eyeball, blue and serenely gazing from where her genitals would be.
Enchantress — Gabrielle Steberis
White female figure stands amidst clouds of grey and muted blue and purple, She wears a black leather plague doctor mask, her face completely obscured, with a bright yellow crown of sunflowers; a stark contrast to the bleak background, complimenting her bare skin. One leather gloved hand touches gently to the temple of the mask, the other falling to her bare thigh clad in leather and chain detailing.
Pandemic- Gabrielle Steberis
Screenshot of this author trying out Instagrams most 4 popular filters for stories rendering the face as quintessentially and aesthetically feminine as possible.



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