Tiktok: The App “Saving” Pandemic Youth?

Philippa Cooper
Apr 19 · 10 min read

Are 800 million young users per day slowly paving the way to a new economy without knowing it?

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Founder and entrepreneur Zhang Yiming, ByteDance reportedly has a private valuation of between $105 billion and $110 billion
Gracie Scullion said she achieves the lagging effect by first mouthing the first word in an exaggerated way and then adding her own voice only once her mouth is still and closed.
Dalgona Coffee
The over complicated process of making something so simple
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I did have my fun on tiktok but find it is important for spreading awareness to important causes such as BLM and calling out Bigotry such as Homophobia and Transphobia which is rampant on the app also.

While 98% of Tik-tok users claim to use the app purely for the purpose of fun, distraction, innocent mockery, and branding; the still growing activism that takes place on the platform is undeniably having a profound effect. Especially since public protest has been somewhat limited due to a certain pandemic that dumped the world into an infinite social standstill. Younger generations are turning to Tik-tok for their social and cultural influences; the teaching of the tough subjects, and hard life-lessons. And social-justice figures show that Tiktok users were in greater turnout to protests than non-tiktok users.

A few of [my] videos will show as deleted as the originals have been taken down for community guideline violations etc which is a good thing means that tiktok are doing their best to take down videos that are being prejudiced…something that I believe [other social media] are severely lacking…the number of posts I’ve reported [on other platforms] coming back [saying]that it doesn’t go against community guidelines is ridiculous.

The Tiktok app tapped an unseen market. Now the stocks want it back. Here the IMH sets out how mainstream brands and the “old-school” celebrity will tap into this market by appealing to the masses in an altogether more “human like” approach. Sort of like the borg, or a fungus. The IMH forsees top companies such as Zaful and Coca-cola replicating the community in order to assimilate it. Using the powerful ignorance and influence of youth, and that gap between pre/post-pandemic generations to mutate a community into a commodity; A commodity that still only serves the top 10% of world capital earners. Reintroducing conventional celebrities as “enlightened” and “homely”; replacing grass-roots creators with the same rich folk seemingly evolved by the pandemic into just “being like other people.” Could this be the reclaiming of the worlds most vulnerable’s most valuable method of connecting; reintroducing them to the stream of adverts akin to the 15 mins between your favourite tv-shows? Only this time; it will be constant.


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