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What is CARRE4?

A publication on All Things Redefining Humanity.

Founded 2019

Redefinition: “to give new meaning to”

What does it mean to live, interact, and survive in the human world? What does it mean to be human? Well, that’s something we can never really put a clear definition on. Why? Because what it means to be human is always changing. Thinking, innovation, laws that govern the land, and much more challenge how we live everyday. If you’re older than 15 years of age and you’re reading this, you’ve likely had at least 5 major innovative events in your lifetime that have changed your thinking, approach, and navigation of the world.

Let’s take me for example. Say I’m 17 years old.

2003: Human Genome Project

2004: Google

2006: Facebook

2008: Obama, America’s first black president

2010: Instagram

2012: Snapchat; Marijuana is legalized in Washington and Colorado

2013: Shared Economy — Uber and Airbnb

2015: 2/3 of Americans own Smartphones

2017: Brexit

2018: Facial Recognition Technology

2019: 5G standard is released

2020: COVID-19; Amazon taking over the world

And that’s not even the beginning of it!

When we’re thinking about what redefines humanity, what first comes to mind? Tech? Science? Innovation? Sure. But it’s not at all limited to those things. In fact, humanity can’t be redefined if everything that redefines it is well…already defined!

Deriving from the french word Carrefour, meaning: Intersection, CARRE4 is a space where interdisciplinary and forward thinking approach is welcome.

If you want to read about ideas, people, or phenomenons that are going to redefine the ways we interact, socialize, and live with the environment, people, and things around us — follow CARRE4.

Here, all topics from culture, to society, politics, literature, science, technology will be explored in the scope of humanity.

Some questions reading CARRE4 may answer

  • How will [blank] change the way I live?
  • How will [blank] change the way society functions?
  • How will [blank] affect [blank]?
  • What is [blank] and why is it important to pay attention?
  • What does redefinition mean in terms of [blank]?

It’s pretty much that simple. Anything that is affected is changed, and therefore is redefined.

Thanks for reading, and follow to read upcoming articles in CARRE4!

Photo by NASA on Unsplash



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Shanel Pouatcha

Shanel Pouatcha

Interested in all things redefining humanity— Science|Tech|Startups|Pop Culture|Society :)