Carrieverse June 2024 Update

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4 min readJun 18, 2024

Hello, this is GM Kola.

With the sweltering heat, a waterpark called Shark Park has opened up in the CARRIEVERSE Plaza! Complete new quests with cute frogs and receive exclusive seasonal items!!

1. In-game Update

[Shark Park Opens to Beat the Heat!]

The cool and refreshing Shark Park is about the open! After the update, you can see it in the Dream Town Plaza!

[Shark Appearance!]

It is said that sharks are appearing through pipes connected to the Shark Park and residents are trembling with fear. Make minolins and bait to attract sharks and send them back to the sea!

Reward : Randomly acquire 1 of the Captain Swim set per 1 time


Ribbit~Participate in the cute frog-catching mini-game and receive exclusive items! The items you can acquire also change depending on the difficulty of the game!!

Reward: Acquire 1 random item from the set below per 1 time


Easy : 20 Bux 10 Bux

[Attendance Reward Updated]

The attendance rewards will change as follows after the update:.

[Today’s Gift Reward Updated]

Today’s gift reward will change as follows after the update:

[Game Auto Logout]

If there is no movement or reaction in-game for more than 30 minutes, you will automatically be disconnected from the game.
* Auto-fishing will not log you out because you are still doing continuous action

[Chat System Renewal]

The automatic chat function has been updated so that you can view the chats you want to view separately. Chat with your friends through automatic chat while fishing!

[Check My Location Function]

You can now check your location on the subway map.
(Click on Mobile Phone > Subway icon to display the arrow of your location on the map)

2. Shop

[New Season Pass]

Duration: Until the the next update~
Turn your house into a cool water park!

[New Package Items Released]

3 New Packages will be released

a. Hula Dance Package

Discover the Hula Package that allows you to enjoy the romance of a resort.

b. Cherry Blossom Raincoat Fairy Package

A fairy that emerges from the last of the cherry blossoms that bloom at the end of spring!

c.Punk Cat Package

A chic-punk cat that comes from a colorful neon city

[Ads Gacha]

a.New Ads Gacha Released!

A water park themed ads gacha that can be customized with the Season Pass will be released! (Limited to 5 times per day)

b.Gacha Price Update Info

Certain themed gaches will be updated to Celeb and Bux gachas, so that you can draw multiple gaches at once without having to wait for advertisements!!
Save some time by quickly selecting the items you want!

c. In-shop Ads for Zem & Bux Ending

All the free Zem & Buc provided for watching ads have been used up, so they will come to an end after the update on June 18th. Thanks for your participation. We’ll come back with another exciting event.

[Fish Price Updated]

The sell price of existing large fish is scheduled to change as follows:.


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