Carrieverse May 2024 Update

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3 min readMay 20, 2024

1. In-game Update

[CARRIE Airport Opens!]

As the number of people visiting CARRIEVERSE increases, a temporary airport has been opened to accommodate the increase!
Visit the newly opened CARRIE Airport to help those in need and earn seasonal items.

a) Dylan and Lily’s Honeymoon

Dylan and Lily, who recently had their successful wedding, are attending an airline ticket event for their honeymoon and they need your help. They are doing their best! Will they be able to safely go on their honeymoon? We’re calling all residents to help them!

b) What is This Suspicious Powder?!

It was recently noted that a flight attendant working at the CARRIE Airport found a suspicious powder at the security checkpoint while inspecting some baggage! What is this powder? Take on a quest to find the identity of the powder!

[More Convenient Navigation]

The navigation system displayed during quests will be updated to be more convenient and visible.

[Mini-Game Under Construction]

The game room where you can enjoy mini-games will be temporarily closed for renewal! Let’s look forward to seeing how it will be renewed!
(* New residents who show up after the update should not be disappointed. The tutorial will show that it’s under construction, so please wait for the new and updated game room!)

* Duration: May 21st After Update ~ A Separate notice will be posted announcing the opening
* Mini-game related missions (Daily Missions, Desire Missions, etc.) will also be updated.

[Info on Additional Subway Fares]

To celebrate the opening of CARRIEVERSE, the subway was free of charge for all residents! However, as many more residents begin to use it, a normal rate will be applied!

One Ride Fee: 1,800 Celeb

2. Shop

[New Season Pass]

Decorate your house with a unique concept using airport items. Feel the excitement of traveling every day!

Duration: After the next update ~

[New Ads Gacha]

Along with the new season pass, there will be new airport furniture ads gacha, which you can use to decorate with an airport concept. It’s here now! (Up to 5x each day)

* Additionally, the Easter-themed ads gacha will be scheduled to end at the end of the season.


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