CVTX Release Notice & Distribution Information (Updated June 18th, 2024)

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3 min readJun 18, 2024


SuperKola Tactics launch (06/18) with ecosystem token allocation

  • Reward Pool and Marketing Pool allocated for the success of SuperKola Tactics
  • Post-launch, allocation for stabilizing and growing the Carrieverse ecosystem with two onboarded games

Token distribution plan

  • No changes to the existing token distribution and allocation plan
  • Carrieverse will maintain transparency and protect investors by announcing any changes via Medium to the community

Hello, this is Carrieverse.

On June 18, 2024, we officially launched Carrieverse’s second game, SuperKola Tactics. This launch initially took place in the United States, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, and Peru, and we plan to open it sequentially in other countries in the future.

To ensure the successful operation of SuperKola Tactics and the existing Carrieverse game, Carrieverse has prepared an Allocation Plan. Through this plan, we have prepared a Reward Pool and a Marketing Pool, and detailed information can be found in the previous distribution information notice.

For the successful launch of SuperKola Tactics and the smooth operation of both Carrieverse games, the Carrieverse Foundation will strategically allocate $CVTX. Specific details related to this will be continuously provided through future notices.

CVTX Allocation Plan

Distribution Flow Chart

Key Takeaways

  • SuperKola Tactics Grand Opening: Carrieverse’s second game, SuperKola Tactics, will have its grand opening on June 18, 2024.
  • Strategic Preparation: We have strategically prepared and allocated Reward Pools and Marketing Pools to ensure the success of SuperKola Tactics.
  • Distribution Plan: We will meticulously carry out the distribution plan necessary for the smooth operation of both SuperKola Tactics and Carrieverse games
  • Transparency and Communication: We promise to maintain transparency in the token distribution plan and continually update you to protect investors.
  • Token Distribution: There are no changes to the current token distribution plan. If any changes occur, we will promptly inform you.

Recent regulations and trends are rapidly changing. However, the clear announcement of the token distribution plan is essential for investor protection, and this principle remains unchanged. Accordingly, the Carrieverse Foundation will continue to provide relevant notices continuously.

We will provide detailed information on the utilization of $CVTX in the SuperKola ecosystem through future notices. Transparency is one of our important values, and if there are any changes in the token distribution plan, we will promptly notify the community. Currently, there are no changes to the token distribution plan.

Thank you.




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Carrieverse is developing the social metaverse game "Carrieverse" and strategic RPG P2E "SuperKola Tactics" with $CVTX to fuel the ecosystem..