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[All About ECA] Carry Protocol’s Sustainable Platform

Hello members of the Carry Community!

Carry Team has been announcing partnerships with several companies this year.

However, many have questioned about what we can really do with those partners.

At this time, we’d like to explain more details about Carry Protocol’s Sustainable Ecosystem, so that everyone can have a better understanding about the specific forms of partnership with the companies in ‘ECA(Enterprise Carry Alliance)’.

1.What is Carry Protocol?

We’ve been watching a lot of media, including on Youtube and News media, defining Carry Protocol differently. Some defined Carry Protocol as reward point service, some other defined payment service, and the other defined as advertising service. To clarify the concept of Carry Protocol, we define the project as below:

“Purchase Data Sustainable Platform on Blockchain”

Carry Protocol empowers consumers by giving them the right to control their purchase data. It also helps stores to have a better understanding about their consumers with the data. Both stores and consumers can send and receive the ads by preference. Eventually, we aim to create an ecosystem where all consumers, stores, and advertisers can benefit.

2. Carry Protocol: Sustainable Ecosystem

The ecosystem of Carry Protocol can be illustrated as above.

Purchase: Consumer purchases an item or a service with either CRE, cash, or credit card, and inputs the phone number at the store. The consumer’s purchase data, including the location of store and purchased item or service, will be sent to the consumer’s


② Sharing purchase data and rewarded with CRE: Consumers can choose to share and provide their purchase data on the application. It is different from checking “agree” on “Terms and Agreements” on the existing platforms, since consumers are rewarded by agreeing it and sharing purchase data selectively.

③ Advertisement: The purchase data collected from consumers are used for advertisement. Advertisers are able to select the ad targets and implement advertisements through analyzing the purchase data. Advertisers deposit CRE, and execute advertisement based on the offline purchase data on Carry Protocol blockchain. Unlike existing ads targeted by general factors such as gender, age, and location, Carry’s advertisement can target with more accurate and detailed consumer information, such as the exact purchased item or service, purchase frequency, location.

④ CRE Reward from watching ads: If a consumer chose to watch ads, CRE will be provided as a reward for agreeing and watching the ads. It is all up to the consumers themselves to share their own purchase data, and to watch the ads.

The overall circle is totally consumer-focused process, enabling consumers to control their own data, and share CRE in the market accordingly.

3. Carry and Partners

To keep Carry’s ecosystem sustainable, professional technologies and information are needed. That is why we need to work together with those types of partners: Device partner, Wallet partner, Advertising partner, and Settlement partner.

1) Device partner: To ensure consumers receive the purchase data from stores, the stores’ devices must be compatible with apps. That’s why Carry Protocol works with multiple device partners with as many offline stores as possible. Currently, our initial partners are Dodo point which has access to over 10,000 stores in Korea, and SPC Cloud with 6,000 stores in Korea.

2) Wallet partner: Cryptowallet service apps to store and transfer CRE are supported by wallet partners. Carry team is continuously building partnerships with wallet providers with easy-to-use and convenient wallets. To be specific, we have already announced partnerships with Syrup Wallet, South Korea’s #1 membership wallet with 15M user base, and Bitberry, a simple and safe crypto wallet backed by Dunamu(the service provider of Upbit).

3) Advertising partner: Advertising partners analyze the purchase data gathered and stored on Carry Protocol blockchain, and implement the advertisements to the right target for advertisers. We are in the process of partnering with advertising partners for Carry Protocol.

4) Settlement partner: To enable consumers’ payment with CRE in offline stores, a settlement partner will receive CRE from consumers, convert into fiat money, and pay to the stores. We are actively engaging in partnerships with settlement partners for the future.

4. So, What is ECA?

To achieve and maintain the Carry Protocol ecosystem, we need to collaborate with professional entities from each industry. To formalize Carry’s initiative in supporting partners with great traction to join the ecosystem, we have launched ECA(Enterprise Carry Alliance).

ECA is a collaboration network of corporates aiming to build and operate Carry’s ecosystem. Carry Protocol will closely work with ECA partners, leading enterprises of various industry verticals, to become a pioneer of the offline market ecosystem on blockchain.

Carry Protocol’s mission is to empower consumers by giving back the control of their purchase data, and giving them the option of sharing their data to make money from it. We hope this article was helpful for understanding about the concept of project, and the significance of partnerships. In the next article, we are going to introduce each one of ECA partners and their future roles in Carry Protocol.

Thank you for continued support and interest!

Carry protocol ECA webpage:

Carry is a protocol that powers the next generation of apps for offline retail. Own your own data! Website:

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Carry Team

Carry Team

Carry is a protocol that powers the next generation of apps for offline retail. Own your own data! Website:

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