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Carry Participates in’s Listing Vote Campaign

Hello members of the Carry Community!

We are excited to announce that Carry (CRE) was selected for’s Vote For Listing campaign.

The voting period will start at 4:00AM (UTC) on August 5th and will close at 2:00 AM (UTC) on August 6th. In the voting campaign, if CRE gets 10 million votes, CRE will be listed on exchange for the CRE/USDT trading pair. Users who participate in the vote can share a total of about 549,930 CRE airdrop rewards.

There will be several activities for the vote for listing campaign, including the deposit giveaway, social media giveaway, and AMA giveaway promotions.

1、Vote for CRE to enjoy a 549,930 CRE Airdrop (5,000 USD)

Voting Period: From 5th August 4:00 AM — 6th August 2:00 AM.

In this round of voting, if CRE gets 10 million votes, will list CRE for USDT trading. Users who participate in the vote can share a total of about 549,930 CRE airdrop rewards.

To vote, please visit:

Deposit CRE at

2、First 600 Deposit users to Share 329,960 CRE Airdrop (3,000 USD)

The first 600 users to deposit will share 329,960 CRE (about $3,000 USD). First come, first served!

You need to deposit at least 550 CRE .

Fill the form & participate in our campaign here

3、$300 CRE for Twitter Giveaway

From now on, we will start a 7-day 33,000 CRE ($300 USD) Twitter Giveaway event to complete forwarding and following tasks and get lucky draw opportunities. After the event, we will draw 10 people from them and will give 3,300 CRE ($30 USD) .

Click to participate: Coming soon

4、CRE Telegram AMA, $500 CRE Giveaway will launch the CRE Telegram AMA CRE activity in the near future, inviting CRE project personnel to visit the Telegram group. During the Q&A period, 54,990 CRE ($500) airdrop benefits will be given out. Details of the event will be on Twitter and Telegram announced, so stay tuned!

For more details, please visit the official announcement of Exchange:

We are glad to introduce Carry tokens to the 4 million users of over 130 countries around the world through the campaign and to expand the Carry ecosystem. Stay tuned for our global activities!

About Carry

Carry Protocol is a blockchain project aiming to be the first cryptocurrency to be widely used by everyday consumers in the offline market. To appeal to the masses, the team is partnering with the largest players in South Korea to kickstart deployment and accelerate growth, including Dodo Point, Korea’s largest loyalty service for offline stores with +22,000 offline merchants as clients and +25 million users in Korea and Japan.

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Carry Team

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