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Carry X AMA Recap

Hello members of the Carry Community!

For those who missed yesterday’s AMA of Carry with team on Telegram Channel, here is the summary of the questions and answers covered in the AMA session.

Interview Questions

Q. Tell us about how you entered the crypto space and how your background contributed to your early successes

I have 10 years of experience in working with merchants and consumers in the real world. I know how to build products that are used by millions and how to execute, and scale them.

I came up with the idea behind $CRE because I found that my data oftentimes is used without my consent and I hated that experience. Who likes getting spam messages and emails? NOBODY. I figured I wanted to start a blockchain project where users are in control of their data.

I started Carry to empower everyday consumers with power over their data and monetization. One advantage Carry has is that we will leverage Spoqa and its merchant base and 25 million user base to its full potential — -> so that Carry can be deployed across the offline world VERY fast.

I started a company called Spoqa 10 years ago and still operate it today, along with Carry. Spoqa operates Korea’s largest loyalty solution for offline stores (coffee shops, restaurants, bars, service/retail stores). The loyalty service is used by 25,000 merchants and 25 million users in Korea.9 out of 10 people who are economically active use Dodo Point in their everyday lives.

Q. So talking more about your project… What is your project exactly and can you tell us more about your vision?

A: Carry Protocol is a blockchain project that compensates consumers for sharing offline data and receiving ads, aiming to return control of data privacy and monetization rights back to the consumers.

Carry’s chief objective is to be the first cryptocurrency to be widely used by everyday consumers. To appeal to the masses, the team is partnering with the largest players in South Korea to kickstart deployment and accelerate growth, including Dodo Point.

Q. How has the process been so far? What are some of the major milestones you guys have hit so far and why are they important?

A: Ever since we launched Carry, we’ve been hard at work building products that could be used in the real world.

We launched our first Carry enabled service Carry Wallet with the CRE staking mechanism in just last month for the Korean market. The current version of the Carry Wallet is for existing CRE holders. People can stake Carry tokens for designated the lock-in period, and get the universal points to be used on Korea’s largest SMB loyalty service, Dodo Point app.

This universal point can be used in exchange for goods and services in the offline world, including beverages and foods. The service will expand the coverage of goods and services to the 25,000 cumulative Dodo stores around Korea. Carry is exploring its scope to DeFi industry, which is expected to take place in the last half of this year.

Although Carry Wallet mainly focuses on providing consumers with real-life rewards such as coffee and ice cream, we will also develop the traditional staking mechanism and add it to the Carry wallet — stake CRE and get CRE. Check out our official channels for the latest updates on the roadmap and upcoming activities!

Q. So how have people taken you? How has your community grown since you first launched?

A: Although initial versions of Carry is targeted for the Korean market, we have growing interest from all across the world. We have strong global presence online and on social, and they ask away questions real time via Telegram, Kakao Talk, Wechat and etc. since our ICO.

We agree that the community is one the most important factors to decide the project’s success and mass adoption. Although our first product and its adoption will take place in South Korea, we will try to communicate and expand the product to the CRE community worldwide.

Q. Can you tell us more about your product or service? So that we can excite people and expand?

A: We launched our first Carry service, Carry Wallet, just last month. Anybody can access the wallet by clicking the “Carry Wallet” button from our website.

It supports the usual wallet features such as deposit & withdrawl of CRE tokens. We also have CRE staking features where users can lock in their CRE holdings for a set amount of time to receive points that can be exchanged for burgers or beers in the real world. So just by holding CRE in your Carry Wallet, you can get free lunch and dinners!

This is our first step in connecting cryptocurrencies in the real world economy. Carry Wallet differentiates itself from other DeFi platforms because we give users benefits in the REAL world, making CRE more relevant for everyone.

Our prime focus is simplicity and usability — we will continuously make updates to the staking feature much more simpler to understand, and we will expand the categories of rewards users can receive.

Q. It seems very useful and efficient… How about tokenomics? Can you expand a bit on those?

Carry token is a utility token that can be used on Carry enabled products. At this moment, we have just launched the first Carry enabled product — Carry Wallet. Users can stake and earn free rewards at a high rate, which they can exchange into real life rewards on the Dodo Point mobile app. We will add more utilities to CRE tokens to expand the token economy and ecosystem.

Q. And where are you guys going? Where are you heading in the next few years and what are the next major updates for you ?

A: Carry’s chief objective is to be the first cryptocurrency to be widely used by millions of consumers. When we are building products at Carry, we don’t just have crypto-savvy traders and blockchain enthusiasts in mind — we are building for mass adoption. Mass adoption happens when your mom starts using it. That’s where we wanna be with Carry — to be the first digital asset service for the offline world.

And we are planning to start this revolution in Korea. Korea’s a really good test bed and after we prove product-market fit here, we will scale and roll out our services to the rest of the world, one market at a time.

Q. Ok and what have you thought of the recent price action?

A:We consider building a good product as a priority of a project.

That being said, we also understand that $CRE holders are interested in our prospect for future price action.

But there’s no simple answer to that. BUT, if we do our job properly and build a product that millions use, the $CRE tokenomics will drive up the demand, which will have positive influence on $CRE’s price action.

We had a very good rally in the first half of 2021, following the cryptocurrency market trend. We hope that the bull market continues through the end of 2021 so we can all ride the market-wide updraft =)

Q. And to wrap it up before we move on to questions from our audience…How do you feel about the industry at the moment and where do you think you fit in?

A. The latest trend and use cases gravitate towards these three fields: Defi, game-fi and… you guessed it, NFT. Blockchain projects rae thriving in these areas because it offers governance or participation structures never before seen in traditional business structures.

Carry is definitely looking into applying defi models into its core service… our ultimate goal is… HODL $CRE, and we will take care of coffees and meals. Stay up to date with our progress by following our official channels and social media.

AMA Questions

Q. Currently from where i can buy ? Is it possible that I can get only by holding it?

A: You can trade it on immediately! We are also listed on global top exchanges such as Huobi Global, Upbit, LBank and etc.

Q. What are your plans on Global adoption? What is the next goal you want to achieve? Where will your main development market be?

A: We will focus initially for the Korean market. Once we prove our product market fit, we are gonna expand to Japan and other major Asian markets. Then to the rest of the world.

Q. Can you list 1–3 killer features of your project that makes it ahead of competitors? What is the competitive advantanges your platform has that you feel most confident about?

A: You ask for three features, but I will give you one powerful feature. Imagine holding $CRE in your Carry Wallet and you get free lunch every day. That is the most powerful real-world benefit digital assets can get you.

Q. Do you have Whitepaper if yes please share it with us and secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Where can we join it?

A: Please check our website for white paper.

Q. How secure is your platform to use? Have you done audits of smart contract? What security measures are adopted from bugs of smart contract and hacking?

A: Yes, we are audited by multiple reputable smart contract auditors. We were never hacked, and we have strict QA team in place to prevent any accidents that seem to be so prevalent in defi protocols these days.

About Carry

Carry Protocol is a blockchain project aiming to be the first cryptocurrency to be widely used by everyday consumers in the offline market. To appeal to the masses, the team is partnering with the largest players in South Korea to kickstart deployment and accelerate growth, including Dodo Point, Korea’s largest loyalty service for offline stores with +22,000 offline merchants as clients and +25 million users in Korea and Japan.

📌Official Channels

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Carry is a protocol that powers the next generation of apps for offline retail. Own your own data! Website:

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Carry Team

Carry Team

Carry is a protocol that powers the next generation of apps for offline retail. Own your own data! Website:

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