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Carry’s Data Collection Starts with 23M Dodo Point Users

Hello, members of the Carry Community!

We are excited to announce data collection from the offline market is starting with Korea’s largest SMB loyalty platform, Dodo Point. Dodo Point has 23m users in Korea and Japan.

│ Data Collection with a Grand Giveaway: AirPods, Starbucks and Reward Points

To start our data collection with a bang, we are giving away AirPods, Starbucks coffee and reward points to those who participate.

Image: Dodo Point

Data collection feature rolls out to all 23m Dodo Point users on June 29th. Whenever someone claims loyalty points at a Dodo store, he or she can rate the services provided by the store and be eligible for giveaways. The giveaway promotion campaign goes on for a full month until July 31st.

As of May 2020, Dodo has over 20,000 cumulative stores and 23M registered users. Dodo is used by roughly half the population in Korea. Using Dodo as a platform to launch data collection should be a great start for Carry.

│ The Cornerstone of the Seamless Adoption of Carry to the Offline World

Mass adoption of the blockchain in the real world has not occurred to this date, despite the collective effort and hopes of everyone in the industry. Several teams across different industry verticals made successful attempts at product market fit, but none has made a significant stride in impacting the real world. This is despite blockchain’s theoretical benefits in cost-effectiveness, increased efficiency, scalability, and transparency. There are probably many reasons behind this: regulatory burdens, negative image associated with several scam projects, hacking incidents and criminal activities. From the get-to, our team focused on providing users with a value proposition that is simple to understand and a product simple enough for them to try, without knowing a single thing about blockchain. We therefore designed our launch campaign to eventually raise awareness of “digital assets” as opposed to “cryptocurrencies” for wider adoption.

The first Carry service feature is launched under this market condition. We think the successful adoption or transition of traditional services to blockchain should start by stripping away the complexities of the technology so that everyone can use our feature without difficulties. We wanted to highlight out initiative with offline data with average consumers out there who might not understand the importance of data. This is the primary reason why we decided to launch the data collection feature with rewards such as AirPods. Enticing average consumers with popular products as rewards is the first step to appealing to millions of monthly Dodo consumers. Successful launch and campaign execution will put us on the spotlight and will contribute to the project’s momentum going forward. By closely monitoring usage and engagement metrics during the launch event, we will learn about the product market fit and flexibly respond to additional features and benefits that might be needed in future. Besides AirPods and Starbucks coffee, we are offering reward points to the participants. We hypothesized launching with “reward points” as opposed to “cryptocurrency” will result in better adoption, and we will also learn as to whether this is true or not by the end of the campaign.

│ What’s Next then?

Once the product market fit is proven, we will focus on transitioning reward points to Carry tokens. There are still several questions we need to find answers to and challenges to overcome:

  • CRE is ERC-20 based — is this the best option for us?
  • How will an average consumer or merchant respond to the terms “blockchain” and/or “cryptocurrency” when it comes to product adoption? Does it affect their decision to try out the service positively or negatively?
  • Will there be regulatory issues?

The launch campaign should hopefully give us answers to these questions. We will update you again in our next newsletter.

│ Expanding Carry’s Ecosystem Globally

While the promotion to collect the organic user data from Dodo Point offline stores is ongoing in Korea, Carry is also expanding its presence globally. We greatly expanded the coverage from Korea to worldwide this year by having partnerships with global blockchain projects such as Pundi X and BananaTok. We are preparing for more global partnerships that can help Carry’s ecosystem. So please stay tuned for our next updates!

Carry is a protocol that powers the next generation of apps for offline retail. Own your own data! Website:

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Carry Team

Carry Team

Carry is a protocol that powers the next generation of apps for offline retail. Own your own data! Website:

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