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Co-CEO Richard Choi at LINE+LINK DEV 2018, MVP Roadmap Update

Hi Carriers and friends of the Carry community,

Welcome back! It’s already November, and the team is ramping up to deliver our best by the end of the year.

As you already know, Carry Protocol received investment from unblock ventures, subsidiary of messaging app giant LINE Messenger. We were able to officially release the information this week! (Although we were able to leak the information first during last month’s AMA.)

Yesterday, co-CEO Richard Choi presented at the LINE+LINK DEV 2018 conference in Coex. At LINE+LINK DEV DAY 2018, more than 500+ attendees gathered to discuss the future of blockchain development, advancement in global fintech, and real-use cases of dApps in the future. LINE also presented its blockchain mainnet, LINK, and provided in-depth presentations that covered both technical and business aspects of their new blockchain venture, unblock ventures.

At the conference, Richard presented on what many of you have been waiting for — the updated roadmap regarding product development!

Updated roadmap regarding MVP

The MVP will be rolled out in two phases: Mark 1, set to be completed by end of 2018, and Mark 2, set to be completed by March 2019.

For our Mark 1 target, the team will complete a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) based reference wallet app that demonstrates the principles of wallet operation.

On this prototype, users will be able to receive their transaction data and choose whether to share it on-chain. To be more specific, users will be able to 1) select the range of data they’d like to share, and 2) upload the relevant data to the blockchain. As of now, the prototype continues to operate on Ethereum as its base protocol. Both CRE Tokens and Branded Tokens (BT) will operate off-chain at the Mark 1 point.

Our Mark 2 target aims to put CRE Tokens and BT on-chain.

From the presentation

Richard broke down the expected developments into four parts: Branded Tokens, Data, Targeted advertising, and Other Services/Platform layers.

Branded Tokens

There will be a master smart contract overseeing all BT functions, and operations contracts under that that will manage aspects such as user management, merchant store data, and transaction records.


Similarly, there will be a master smart contract directing data management. Under that, there will be several operations smart contracts handling user management, merchant store data, and transaction records.

Targeted advertising

This section, yet to be developed, will manage targeted advertising to users based on data they share on the blockchain.

Other services/Platform layers

Finally, Carry will implement a smart contract that governs inflationary rates and an upgradable smart contract library. The team also plans to include a Carry Protocol query layer.

Thank you all for waiting patiently while we got our product development and roadmap up to speed. It’s exciting to see the prototype working. For the first time, we can see before our very eyes what the future might hold for Carry (and what Carry might hold for the future!).

Stay tuned for further updates. We appreciate your support more than ever.

Keep calm and #CRE on!

Carry is a protocol that powers the next generation of apps for offline retail. Own your own data! Website:

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Carry Team

Carry Team

Carry is a protocol that powers the next generation of apps for offline retail. Own your own data! Website:

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