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How To Win A Car Giveaway?

Nowadays, the most popular prize from sweepstakes is a car, and joining a car giveaway is easy. All you need to do is go online and join car sweepstakes for free. Who knows, you could be a lucky winner of a new car.

There are also sweepstakes where you can win by buying car scratch cards. Some people try their luck on these or they just do this for fun and entertainment. However, buying these scratch cards can cost you a lot, and yet still won nothing!

Winning a car giveaway sounds cool and exciting. It will give you a chance to ride and own a new car without spending too much.

Win A Car Giveaway

Where to Join Car Giveaways?

A traditional way of winning car giveaways is through a manual raffle. Before, joining a raffle means writing your whole information such as name, address, contact number, email address, and signature on a raffle stub. This is done by manually picking the winning stub by a contest representative.

In this modern time, car sweepstakes are done online. All you have to do is sign up for a sweepstake and earn entries. In this process, winners are chosen randomly by a system.

It is a lot easier to join car giveaways online rather than writing all your information repeatedly on several raffle stubs. But joining a raffle is more legitimate than joining an online sweepstake and exposing your details on the web.

What Happens if You Win?

It is overwhelming knowing that you won a giveaway whether the prize is small or an extravagant one. Excitement comes first when you know that you have won a car giveaway. It is thrilling to get something for free.

However, winning car sweepstakes can be a stressful process. Getting a car for free as a giveaway may take a lot of time and lots of paper works. There are sorts of steps that need to be accomplished before getting possession of the car. When buying a car, all you need to do is sign some paperwork, then pay, and you will have full possession of the car. This differs when you have won the car.

There are times that it would take up to 2 to 5 months of the process before you could take the car. The process includes paper works that are required for the car registration. Since the car is a prize from a giveaway, processing does not need your physical presence. It can be done by sending the documents back and forth, and it takes a lot of time.

You also have to pay the taxes of the prize. Usually, it is the winners who are responsible for paying the sweepstakes prizes. The amount required to pay for the tax depends on the vehicle’s value. Estimates say that these taxes cost about 1/3 of the vehicle’s worth.

Sometimes, it is fascinating to know that you will be getting a car for free. Technically, the car is free but the expenses next to it are the concern. That is why some of the winners of car giveaways choose to sell the car to get at least half the value of it in cash.

Increasing Your Chances of Winning

Sometimes, winning a car giveaway is not about having a bit of luck. If you wanted to win a car, there are some tricks to increase your chances of winning. But remember that doing these will not guarantee you from winning.

Following a lot of giveaway sites on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can increase your chance of winning a car. Joining a giveaway group on Facebook will get you updated on new giveaways. Joining more giveaways may give you more chances of winning.

Signing up for newsletters also increases your chances of winning. Sometimes organizations notify their subscribers of their current promotions or contests. This will ensure that you are not missing any prime giveaways. Checking your working email address often will get you updated on car sweepstakes.

There are car giveaways that let you optimize your entries. Some sites allow you to have a daily entry once you log in to their site. Doing this daily will earn you more entries; which means, more chances of winning.

The only way to win a giveaway is to enter. Sometimes, people are losing hope if they are not winning. There is no harm in joining car sweepstakes regularly especially if it’s free.

Are Car Giveaways Real?

There are a lot of giveaways to join especially online and these prizes are too good to be true. But yes, these contests or sweepstakes that give free cars as a prize are real, if this is from a legal giveaway. However, chances of winning are very slim which means you could spend a lot of money before winning.

Sometimes, companies do this as a marketing strategy. It can be a chance for marketers to use your information for subscriptions or sell you other items. Some organizations do a car giveaway to gain donations in return.

Take note that not all giveaways are legit. Most car giveaways online are scams, so, be careful on giving your personal information. Scammers can use this on identity theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Winning a Car Giveaway Includes Cash?

There are some contests or sweepstakes that include cash once you win. The cash is intended to pay for the taxes. Usually, taxes are amounting to 33% of the car’s value. This is included in the official rules of the giveaway, so it is recommended to read them first.

Is Joining Car Sweepstakes Worth it?

Since winning is not guaranteed, you should not spend all of your money on car sweepstakes. Use enough amount that you afford to lose.

Should I Pay for the Insurance of the Car?

Once you win the car, the owner will be yours. All the responsibilities such as insurance, maintenance, and upgrades will be covered by you. Take note that winning a luxury car could be costly on maintenance and insurance too.


It is not enough to rely on luck on car sweepstakes to have your car. Sometimes, sweepstakes can be addictive and could lead to spending more of what you have. Joining car giveaways can be done regularly if it is for free, but do it on moderation if you need to spend on these giveaways. You might not want to spend your last money on just trying out your luck.



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