2018 Honda CR-V — Release date and Spied

With sales of almost 350,000 units in 2015 Honda CR-V is one of the most popular vehicles coming from Japanese factories. Its sales have been growing steadily ever since it was launched in 1995, with only one minor fall in 2008 when the economic crisis began. Estimations for the following years are optimistic. Honda hopes this trend will continue and they will break the 350,000-unit barrier. So far, four different generations have been released and the fifth generation was announced in October 2016. New 2018 Honda CR-V is going to be redesigned, both inside and outside. Even the powertrain is going to be slightly modified in order to provide more power. Not much data is available, but we tried to gather all the information that has been released so far. http://carslane.com/2018-honda-cr-v/

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