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Ride-sharing has been a solution to our daily transportation needs for a while. With so many carpooling alternatives out there, users have the freedom to decide which service to avail. Ride-sharing is a major industry where in the USA alone, the ride-sharing revenue for 2018amounts to US$17,191m. However, the current alternatives do not prioritise the facilities and benefits of the drivers and the users need. In addition to this, increasing traffic, health problems, and its effects on the environment do not provide a viable solution. Therefore, there is a need for a substitute that is more efficient, considers the needs of the users, drivers and cares about the impact on the environment.

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The Problem
Ridesharing has already gone mainstream. But, there needs to be a substitute that works in favour of everyone, the drivers, the riders, and the environment. Statistics show that the average occupancy per car is 1.5 person with over 50% of cars having just the driver. This makes the situation terrible for the environment and economically senseless. The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the US, accounting for 28% of total GHG emission in 2016.

The currently available options do not provide flexibility to users like long distance trips, freedom of choosing a suitable driving partner and more. The drivers are also exploited with high commission rates as big as 30–40% of the fare, unsuitable payment systems with a centralized fee structure. We are in need of a solution that makes road transportation economically viable, eco-friendly for the environment and efficient and fair for the drivers and the users.

The Solution
The solution is a sustainable platform that revolutionizes the transportation system. A platform that empowers the drivers and users with reliability, trust, fair and transparent mobility marketplace. A platform that provides freedom to the users and drivers with flexible and multiple solutions to their transportation needs. The solution that aims at decreasing the environmental impact of road transport by providing effective and innovative techniques for ridesharing, car renting and more.

What is CarSmartt?
CarSmartt has been built to provide solutions to the current issues faced by the industry. A mobility company that aims to revolutionize the transportation ecosystem. CarSmartt’s blockchain-based platform allows drivers to earn a fair and sustainable income while helping users to make savings during their short and long trips. The platform creates a more sustainable future for road transportation with empowered drivers and users that are looking for a more reliable, fair and transparent mobility marketplace.

By changing the fee structure to a monthly subscription model, it gives drivers 100% of fee from daily fares. The platform provides a combining of the rental car market and the ridesharing market where qualifying riders have the option to rent a car. An additional feature of our service is the package delivery system and a short or long trip feature for users.

We are building a democratic decentralized ecosystem that provides the following benefits:

- Transparent and fair flat fee pricing model so the drivers earn more.

- Value for money to users by giving them the freedom to choose the driver based on ratings or costs.

- Users get the option of short and long rides, for themselves or for delivering parcels.

- A car-renting platform for car owners to trusted drivers qualified by CarSmartt

- Reducing the impact of cars on the environment.

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Our Technology
We are introducing the first of its kind, decentralized mobility platform that offers to earn to both parties. The application of innovative blockchain technology-enabled smart contracts ensures secure transactions, complete privacy and guaranteed payments. Therefore, the platform is backed by a unique technology that could be the appropriate solution for drivers, users and our environment.

Join the Journey
Join our mission to democratize transportation by creating a decentralized ecosystem for road transportation. Whether you are a user or a driver, be part of our community. Enrol now and start using CarSmartt for your daily transportation needs. Use our app to rent a car, get a ride or deliver a package, we guarantee a reliable and fair transport solution.

If you are an investor, participate in our ICO to get your share of ‘Turn’ tokens. For further information, visit our website or download our whitepaper. Let’s work together to achieve a sustainable alternative for road transport that addresses the problems of traditional taxi rentals and ridesharing while working to achieve a reduced environmental impact.

Visit us on and join us on Telegram and be part of the TURN.

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