5 Reasons Why Great Photo Quality is Important for Your Dealership

Bo Gjerløw
Jan 29, 2019 · 4 min read

Originally published on the Carswip Blog on August 13th 2018

Now, you are probably already aware that photos are an important part of online car ads. Using photos, you can show off the car and catch the interest of the consumers who see the ad. But the quality of these photos is also an important factor. Here are five reasons why:

1. The photos are the first impression your potential customer gets

When someone comes across your website or your ad on the various different platforms that exist for posting car ads, the first thing they will notice is the photo gallery of the car. And as we all know, making a good first impression is key. According to Netonomy, 63% of potential car buyers make their first steps toward a purchasing decision based on photos and other media.

Just imagine you come across two identical cars. Same price, same year, similar mileage etc. but very different photo quality. Which one would you be more interested in?

2. Consumers find photos extremely important

According to a study by Cox Automotive, 90% of consumers find photos extremely important when looking at both new and used cars.

So in many cases, having great photos is one of your best options to ensure that a potential customer will show more interest in your cars.

3. Car buyers do their research online

According to a study from 2016, buyers of used cars spend over 9 hours doing online research.

This means that when they do come to your dealership to see the car, they already know what they need to know about price, reliability, ownership experiences, and similar. In addition to this, they have also got a good impression of the car’s condition and looks from the photos on your website, meaning they are not far from making the decision to purchase. Photos of good quality may even be the reason they went to your dealership over your competitor’s.

4. It contributes to the branding of your dealership

By using photos in great quality on your website, you show the consumers that you are a serious and professional business.

In addition to this high-quality photos improve the credibility of your website as well as your brand. According to a study by the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 46.1% said that the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of a website was the design of the website and the photos on it.

5. Photos are crucial on social media

On social media, visual content is the way forward. In fact, visual content gets 94% more total views and is over 40 times more likely to be shared compared to other types of content.

With more and more dealerships starting to utilize social media, it is important to post high-quality content to stand out from the pack. This could, for example, be photos of cars you have for sale.

Don’t forget about video

Another thing that is becoming increasingly important for car dealerships, is video. By using video you can show off your cars in a more engaging way. This could be through a walk-around of the car, or even a photo slideshow with some added effects to make it more dynamic.

For more on how you can and why you should use video, we recommend checking out this article.

What is Carswip?

Carswip is the leader in photo services for car dealerships. Dealerships use our services to ensure high-quality presentations of their cars online, ultimately leading to more inquiries. Carswip is based in Aarhus Denmark and currently helps over 100 dealerships across Scandinavia.

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