Rear-view Mirror — August 2018

Originally published on the Carswip Blog on September 3rd 2018

In this month’s issue: Tips to optimize your dealership website, ways to master dealership search marketing, electric cars exceeding 1 million on the road in Europe, and more.

Preparing for the car dealership of 2030

Things are changing constantly and rapidly in the industry, and technology is a big part of it. This article from Automotive Management Online gives insight into how you can prepare your dealership for the future.

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6 Awesome Tips for Optimizing Your Dealership Website

Do you want to improve your dealership website, but are unsure about how to approach it or what to add and/or change?

Jazel Auto has written a great and informative article containing 6 tips for optimizing your dealership website.Read the article here.

Electric cars exceed 1m in Europe as sales soar by more than 40%

Sales of electric cars have been trending up for the past couple of years, and in August Europe as a whole hit a magic figure: 1 million electric cars on the road. That’s more than in the entire United States!

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Why Brand Loyalty Must Be a Priority for Dealers in 2018

This article by Rick Fellen for Dealer Marketing explains very well why brand loyalty is incredibly important for any dealership.

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5 Ways to Master Dealership Search Marketing

As consumers continue to do more and more research online when looking for a new or used car, search marketing is becoming increasingly important, if not a necessity, for dealerships of all sizes.

In this article published on Dealer Marketing, 3 experts give 5 tips each on what you can do to improve your search marketing.

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What is Carswip?

Carswip is the leader in photo services for car dealerships. Dealerships use our services to ensure high-quality presentations of their cars online, ultimately leading to more inquiries. Carswip is based in Aarhus Denmark and currently helps over 100 dealerships across Scandinavia.