Rear-view Mirror — January 2019

In this month’s issue: The best self-driving cars and shuttles from CES, 5 ways auto finance is going to change in 2019, 5 keys to succesful social ad campaigns, and more.

CES, the large annual technology trade show held in Las Vegas, took place at the beginning of January. The article linked above dives into the best self-driving cars and shuttles at the convention. Well worth a read!

In the article above, Danny Shader from PayNearMe predicts 5 ways that he expects auto financing to change in 2019.

According to recent research by the automotive giant Cox Automotive, over 50% of consumers will travel further and pay more if this means an enhanced customer experience at the dealerships’ service department. Read the full article from Wards Auto at the link above.

Running a succesful social ad campaign is not an easy task. Luckily, Digital Dealer has created a list of 5 great tips for getting the most from your social ad campaigns. Read more at the link above.

Dealer Authority, an american company specializing in digital marketing for the automotive industry, has recently started a new video-series called “Coffee+Conversions”. Episode 1 is all about Instagram, and is well worth checking out.

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