Rear-view Mirror — October 2018

Originally published on the Carswip Blog on November 7th 2018

In this month’s issue: The 2018 KPMG Global Automotive Executive Survey, Volkswagen announces digitalization of sales, McLaren presents their new hypercar, and more.

KPMG Global Automotive Executive Survey 2018

For the past 8 years, the financial service company KPMG have conducted a global automotive executive survey, where they gather the opinions of executives throughout the automotive industry in an attempt to predict what the future might hold.

The results of the Global Automotive Executive Survey for 2018 is now available here

Three Automotive Digital Marketing Trends on Their Way

Ari Gorlin from AutoLeadStar has written a great article on Digital Dealer containing 3 automotive marketing trends that are worth keeping an eye on.

Read the article here

Volkswagen Digitalizes Sales

Volkswagen has announced that they will be fundamentally realigning their sales model in cooperation with their dealers. In mid-October, VW and the European Dealer Council presented their vision for the future of VW’s 5,400 dealerships in Europe.

Read more about VW’s plans here

McLaren Announces the +1000bhp Speedtail

McLaren recently announced what is (probably) their craziest car yet: The McLaren Speedtail. With 1035 horsepower, the Speedtail will be able to reach 300 km/h in just 12.8 seconds and continue going until its’ top speed of 402 km/h. That makes it the fastest McLaren ever.

Read more about the Speedtail here

Boost Your Business: Imagery, Vehicle prep, and Data

Automotive Management Online recently published an article going over how you can boost your dealership (and profits!) without spending a crazy amount of money. The tips include building a better website, improving the presentation of your cars, and more.

Read the article here

What is Carswip?

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