Rear-view Mirror — September 2018

Originally published on the Carswip Blog on October 2nd 2018

In this month’s issue: Daimler becomes a new investor in heycar, Toyota reportedly agrees to add Android Auto to vehicles, an interview with James Binkley of Binary Automotive Solutions, and more.

How Prepared Is Your Car Dealership To Deliver Round-The-Clock Customer Service?

Consumer expectations are getting higher and higher. 10 years ago, only a small percentage of consumers would expect 24/7 service, but today most consumers do. Nishitha from WittySparks has written a great article on how you can achieve 24/7 service without breaking the bank.

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Daimler set to become new investor in used-vehicle platform heycar

In a move that may surprise some, Daimler (the parent company of Mercedes-Benz) is set to become a partner and investor in the German used-car platform heycar which was launched by VW Financial Services in October 2017. Daimler is set to hold a 20% stake in the platform.

Since heycar was launched last October it has grown massively. There are currently over 300,000 cars listed for sale from dealerships across Germany on the platform.

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Don’t Let Technology Make Your Customers Run for the Hills!

While technology has made it easier for consumers and businesses to communicate, there is a problem that is sometimes forgotten: Humans still prefer to deal with other humans.

In this article from Digital Dealer, author Todd Smith talks about why that is the case and why you, for example, should not rely on chatbots for live chat.

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Interview: James Binkley, Founder of Binary Automotive Solutions

James Binkley, who has over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, shares the events that led to his creation of Binary Automotive Solutions and discusses his business philosophies and how dealers can provide a win-win dealership culture that creates customers for life.

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Toyota reportedly agrees to add Android Auto to vehicles

According to a reliable source, Toyota is set to be adding Android Auto to their vehicles. This, along with the addition of Apple Carplay back in January, vastly improves connectivity in Toyota cars that were previously using the Ford-developed SmartDeviceLink which limited what access your phone could have to your car data as well as controlled how the interface looked.

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What is Carswip?

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