Cartalyst Report 33

Arsenal Sprint (Week 33 of 52, 2014)

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Last week has been a sprint to bring each Arsenal package to a stable release. This is an essential part of bringing our application base, Platform to RC4. You’ll see quite a few packages getting their official tags.

Business Retreat

The last week of August the entire Cartalyst team will be on business retreat. While we won’t be attending Laracon this year we will be together in the fine city of Porto, Portugal. We’ll be discussing and scoping quite a few packages on the horizon. As such the end of month developer chat will not be possible however please feel free to submit your questions to We’ll answer them in a special blog post.

Support channels will still be monitored.


Our framework agnostic data grid package that makes it easy to filter large data sources has been tagged v2.0.0 and stable. The package shifts focus from pagination to data filtration allowing you to pass any data source through a data handler. Data-Grid will then take care of the rest so you can make use of the filtered result set in your application.

  • Filter Eloquent models, queries or relationships using the `DatabaseHandler`.
  • Filter Illuminate Collections using the `CollectionHandler`.
  • Create your own handlers by implementing the `HandlerInterface`.
  • Download results. (csv, json, pdf)
  • Underscore templating.
  • Javascript plugin.

Read the documentation, follow a tutorial, and checkout out our demo.

Platform Progress

We switched extensions to service providers and updated the workshop and operations extensions to generate them. We’ll continue to clean and tag extensions/packages this week.

Converter 1.1

  • Base lengths are using meters instead of kilometers.
  • Added some more common units: mile, feet, and inch.
  • Some unit formats updated in the config to use abbreviations so it’s more consistent with the International System of Units.

Check out the upgrade guide.


You asked for it a couple months ago in a contest. We broke ground on Localization which will play a key role in Platform, and multi-language applications. We’re keeping the lid on a bit tight until we have feature scope completed. We’ll keep you posted.