Work Report 21

Organizing An Organization (Week 13, 2014 — Week 24, 2015)

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As always straight to points. Let’s get to it.

Package Assessments

Packages will undergo rotation to facilitate communication. Our packages will be divided into quarters and scheduled for assessment periods. Each package will go through community assessment at least once annually.

Package Phases

  • Assessment: 30 days of community discussion.
  • Planning: 7 days internal discussion, final scope.
  • Implementation: scope turned into issues and tracked.

Data-Grid has been the first package to go through this experimental process and we’re steadily improving as we go. Already a member? Check out how it works.

Assessment, Planning, Implementation

Cartalyst Chat

We have a community & member support channel over at Gitter! This replaces our #IRC Channel, Come Join us!

Community Chat

Member Only/Support

Sentinel v3

Work on v3 and underlying add-ons has commenced. We’re keeping the full scope under wraps but here are some highlights.

  • Refactoring the Sentinel package to only contain generic classes and logic, omit all framework related implementations/logic.
  • Adding an extensible add-on api to allow registration of custom add-ons to Sentinel.
  • Impersonation.
  • Improved ACL to include resource entity permissions.
  • Improved checkpoints + selective checkpoints.
  • multi-tenancy add-on.

Sentinel Kickstart Giveaway

To kick off sentinel v3 we’re giving away 1 year access to Sentinel Kickstart. Our amazing kickstart application which includes all sentinel add-ons.

Enter to win

New Packages

We’ve broken ground on 2 new packages and look forward to giving you some of the final details. Until then let the names wet your appetite.

Inventory Catalog
Inventory Suppliers
Inventory Channels

Checkout Shipping
Checkout Payments

Coming soon to

We’ve been teasing our new website for some time now and are very close to launching the next iteration soon.

We’re putting final touches in so hang tight and look forward to…

One off pricing

You’ll be able to purchase individual packages with regular or priority support. Each package comes with 1 year of updates and repository access.

Order History

We’ll keep track of your purchased packages, and ensure you’ll always have access to the tagged versions released during your year of updates.

Package Alerts & Events

Arsenal wide package notifications for critical, major, minor, & general events.


We’ve gone through the last 6 months of support tickets and created a great FAQ section on our package pages.

Arsenal Subscription

We’re grandfathering in all active subscribers at current pricing. It’s a good time to get in before new pricing takes affect.


Arsenal subscribers will become Arsenal members. This distinction is important. We’re building a community of developers and businesses that crave greater involvement in the applications and libraries they utilize.

A reduced amount of memberships will be made available each month along with members having the ability to refer / and or invite colleagues. New benefits and privileges will be available to Cartalyst Members.

Membership will be $749/year and come with 3 team members slots. Additional slots can be purchased at $99/year.

Final Thoughts

As always, code well, rock on!