CarTaxi enters crypto-exchanges, raising $ 8,700,000

The CarTaxi project ICO, one of the most resonant projects of autumn, has come to an end. The target amount was raised during the offering, collecting $ 8,700,000, a sum which the company established for the purpose of achieving its business objectives. In total, investors purchased 60,066,417 CTX tokens. During the period of pre-sale and ICO, twice tokenholders were paid bonuses in Ethereum crypto currency with the profits of the already operating CarTaxi’s business. On November 8, the CarTaxi tokens officially entered the crypto-exchange markets and are available for purchase and sale. The list of exchanges is posted on the official website.

The project for the automation of tow trucks has been in operation since April 2017, during which thousands of partners have joined and worked in over 60 Russian cities. The next step is the start of global scaling.

“The service is already profitable, even though it works only in the starting region,” comments Taras Semenov, CEO of CarTaxi. — The nearest goal of full coverage of the Russian market, is almost completed. Another goal in short-term planning is the introduction of blockchain technology into the architecture of the system. The base of tariff zones for new connected cities in each country is expanding. In the regions that join CarTaxi, experts conduct load testing, launch a targeted advertising campaign on the Internet. “

In the near future, the primary task will be to enter foreign markets. The transition to global scaling will begin with the entrance of the service to the markets of the US and China. According to analysts at CarTaxi, these markets are the most favorable given the level of motorization and economic conditions. In general, the main argument for the globalization of the service is its universality for users who can use the services of a tow truck abroad as quickly and simply as in their home country. Such an effect will be achieved, according to CarTaxi’s forecasts, by 2021, so the CarTaxi app will become universal. In the future, any driver with a smartphone will be able to call for help on the road at any time, traveling the world, or to transport your car from one country to another.

The company’s statistics show a high demand for the service in the market — according to the latest calculations, more than 20,000 orders have been completed through CarTaxi. Convenience of the IT platform in comparison with the conservative method of calling a tow truck shows its effectiveness primarily in time, as well as in reducing logistics costs and service costs for the customer. The waiting time for the tow truck with the CarTaxi app is on average 8 times less than through the dispatcher in the tow truck companies.

The CarTaxi company plans to support investors, continuing the monthly bonus payments of 25% of the company’s profits. Also, with the release of the token to the exchanges, the company is beginning the planned repurchase of tokens in order to increase their value.