The CarTaxi project is 6 months old: 40,000 customers and more than $ 7 million invested through ICO

Final tokens remain for sale of the CarTaxi ICO project — an actually running car towing business. The project collected over $ 7 million on the sale of tokens and has already distributed the income to its investors twice. Thousands of tokenholders have become part of the CarTaxi logistics platform and every day they are watching the growth of the company. For those who have not yet bought CTX tokens — only a few days left. An extra bonus from our company — a referral program. CarTaxi is offering bonus tokens that you can get by sending a referral link to a friend. The amount of bonus equals to 15% from your friends contribution.

The testing of the CarTaxi application was launched in April this year. Already in May, the platform started working at full power. The first tow trucks of CarTaxi appeared in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and then in other large cities. Today, CarTaxi services are available in more than 50 cities.

Over this time, the CarTaxi app has over 40,000 customers. The partners’ base was replenished by 9 450 performers, among them large car towing companies and private operators. 12 228 times the clients of CarTaxi used the vehicle towing services through the application.

A few words about how the platform works. To become a CarTaxi partner, the towing operators undergo a rigorous inspection, which includes an assessment of the quality of the equipment and verification of the compliance of the required documents. There is a special app for partners by which they receive new orders, and CarTaxi specialists control the execution of orders by the received data. Personal managers train partners when they start using the platform and are ready to provide professional assistance 24/7. CarTaxi service partners do not pay extra for using the service, and at the same time they receive a noticeable increase in the number of orders. In every region in which CarTaxi comes, we launch an advertising campaign to introduce local drivers to CarTaxi services and provide contractors with orders. Therefore, we have already received in advance applications from numerous towing operators in different countries around the world.

There is another application for CarTaxi customers through which they can make an order. In this application, the customer immediately sees the preliminary cost and arrival time of the tow truck when placing an order. After entering all the data about the characteristics of the car and placing the location mark, the call automatically goes to the nearest free operator, suitable for the particular car The operator has only 1 minute to take the order, in case of refusal he passes to the next closest available operator. All stages of transportation from loading to arrival to the final destination are tracked by the CarTaxi system.

Our platform has already been successfully tested in the launching region and the next step for CarTaxi is to enter foreign markets. In the future this is the first step towards global coverage. It is the presence of the CarTaxi platform around the world that makes the service universal. In the future, any driver with a smartphone will be able to call for help on the road at any time, traveling the world, or to transport your car from one country to another. The next stage for CarTaxi is a 100% coverage of the launch market and access to new ones — to China, USA, India, Southeast Asia and other priority regions.

Together with investors, CarTaxi strengthens the position of the CTX token, directing 50% of the platform’s profit to increasing the value of the token and distributing bonuses to all tokenholders. For CarTaxi, repurchased tokens are an additional source of revenue, because they reduce the volume of tokens, and the bonus payments for purchased tokens are indirectly received by the company itself. This has a positive effect on financial results and entails an increase in bonus payments. And this, in turn, is spurred by the growth of the value of the token.

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