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A World Full of Traditional Software and Developers: How Cartesi Bridges the Gap

Globally, there are over 25 million programmers using over 250 different languages. We want to connect them all to the unlimited potential of blockchain technology.

The Current Landscape

The explosion of software over the last decade has changed how the world lives, works and interacts, with statistics revealing that almost 2 million applications are in use around the globe today. Nearly 4 billion people worldwide own a smartphone and as we go about our daily lives, shopping, talking with family and conducting business online, we have become more reliant on applications and the software that underpins them than ever before.

The Languages of Linux

The toolsets used to deliver more applications than ever before vary widely and there are a plethora of options available to software developers today. When it comes to programming, the number of languages in the world depends on the rules you establish for deciding whether or not a language counts (some sources claim there are as many as 25,000!) — Some sources put the number of notable and popular languages at around the 250 mark.

Blockchain Bottlenecks

The developer community behind Linux is vast and reaches around the globe. This is not dissimilar to the quickly growing blockchain developer community which, although considerably smaller in size, also contains some of the world’s best developers from all corners of the world. The growing interest in blockchain technology as a solution for so many outdated frameworks and business models has seen the growth of developer communities building on blockchain explode in recent years, as those from the traditional software development world recognise the potential of decentralized systems.

How Cartesi can Bring the Next 25 Million Developers to Blockchain

At Cartesi, we have dedicated years towards solving this issue. We are well on our way toward offering mainstream developers everything they need to transfer their valuable skills, knowledge and toolsets from the Linux OS they love to the blockchain operating systems of the future.



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