Announcing the Cartesi DApp Incubation Program Winners

Colin Steil
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3 min readOct 23, 2020


October 23, 2020 — The first phase of the Cartesi DApp Incubation Program has now come to a close and we are thrilled to announce the winners. Thank you to the entire community for their interest in Cartesi and the applications that we received.

We are proud to present the winners in three different industries that will be building DApps and solutions on Cartesi:

Creol — Environmental Impact using IoT

Creol Environments is an IoT commercial building control system that carbon offsets itself in realtime to be a carbon-neutral building control system. Creol implements blockchain to allow for transparent and verified energy savings.

Creol will implement Cartesi in their IoT devices to verify the current state of buildings to prevent clients from providing false states to the Ethereum smart contracts governing the state and control of the buildings. Integrating Cartesi will render their hardware IoT more resilient and fraud-proof.

SimThunder — Blockchain Gaming & NFT’s

Simracer Coin is working to make simracing more fun and realistic. By building partnerships with existing leagues, they want to offer their token as a prize and put winners’ names on the blockchain forever. The next step is to build a marketplace where simracers can use this token to buy simracing assets, like car setup files, paints and pay for simracing services, like coaching.

This marketplace will also enable adding a strategic element to private league racing where participants can own the cars and its parts, each represented by NFTs, deal with damage costs and realistically manage an eSports racing team. By putting these digital assets on the blockchain, they will be transformed into tradable crypto assets with increased liquidity and ease of exchange.

Simracer is looking forward to using Cartesi as a way to ensure verifiable computation of race results and to provide a decentralized marketplace of simracing assets.

Carti — A package manager for Cartesi machines

Carti is an infrastructure project that aims to bring a packaging technology to life on Cartesi.

The objective is to allow developers to have programmatic access to retrieve Cartesi Machines, leading to a better development experience. Additionally having a package description specification that is separate from any specific storage element, will allow developers and implementers flexibility in the technology that they use to expose Cartesi machines to their constituents and discover data from other developers.

We’re looking forward to the upcoming weeks in which we’ll provide the winning teams with access to mentoring and training by the Cartesi team and their chosen mentors from the Web 3 Foundation, IOTA, Matic Network, and SOSV.

As the teams progress, we’ll keep the community updated about the exciting DApps they’ll be building on Cartesi.

Congrats to all the winning teams!

Note: All teams have agreed to the Cartesi DApp Incubation Program Terms & Conditions. Incubation prizes are subject to agreement and teams will be contacted after announcement.

What Happens Next?

  • In phase II, three teams will be selected out of all the applicants to build their Cartesi DApps, with final delivery due on February 1, 2021.
  • In Phase III, between February 8–19, an additional award will be determined by a Quadratic Funding system from Gitcoin. Cartesi will invest an additional 20K in a matching pool (plus any extra amount raised by the community) to be distributed across the three projects in accordance with the number of votes each one has gathered.

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