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Cartesi DApp Incubation Program Spotlight — IoT: Creol

Reputable carbon reduction certifications made possible with the help of Cartesi

As part of our “DApp Incubation Program Spotlight” series, we will be taking a look at what is behind the three innovative projects that we chose as the winners of the Cartesi DApp Incubation Program. Back in September 2020, we opened up the program for applications, inviting those with an idea for a DApp to register for the opportunity to build with Cartesi and receive mentoring from experts in blockchain and software development. Funding of up to $20,000 each for the 3 selected participants and an additional $20,000 matching round was made possible thanks to a partnership with Gitcoin.

After closing the program for applications in October 2020, we decided on the three best submissions — Creol, Simthunder, and Carti.

In this article we will be exploring Creol, a company focused on helping people reduce their Carbon footprint and empowering businesses to lower their impact on the planet and one of the three winners of the Cartesi DApp integration program. Registered in the UK, Creol offers a range of innovative products that enable people to become Carbon neutral or positive in an age of increasing issues surrounding climate change.

Cartesi CEO, Erick de Moura, talks with Creol CTO, Joshua Bijak

Carbon positive people, places, and products

Creol Environments is an IoT commercial building control system that carbon offsets itself in realtime to be a carbon-neutral building control system. Using a device-agnostic dApp allows users to set targets for lowering their energy impact, set features such as lighting to their individual preferences, and track them in real-time. Creol then purchases verified Carbon Credits on their clients’ behalf and offsets them automatically.

With carbon offset certificates recorded on the blockchain, owners of commercial, retail, and residential spaces can demonstrate trusted energy savings and green credentials without the need for any additional reporting and increase CSR, property value, and rental rates.

Enabling the wider adoption of IoT solutions

Creol is implementing Cartesi in their IoT devices to ensure that building stats measurements and computations are verifiable and securely inserted on Ethereum. Integrating Cartesi with their hardware is rendering their IoT system more resilient and fraud-proof, a key milestone for the wide adoption of IoT solutions aiming to provide reliable data inputs coming from algorithm calculations.

Creol has ported Cartesi’s virtual machine to run on ARM devices, so as to validate computations done internally on the OrangePi device. Moreover, Creol has devised a reference solution proposed by Cartesi for securely reading input data from IoT devices by using a dedicated signal signer device that has no remote entry points.

The resulting signed IoT data can then be securely verified by the Cartesi Machine, dramatically improving the trust level of the resulting computation. With carbon credits currently not regulated by the FCA, Creol is a trustless and welcome solution that could drastically reduce fraudulent practices that have unfortunately taken place in recent years.

At Cartesi, we are excited to support and work alongside pioneering projects that look to shape not only the future of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and trustless transactions but in Creol’s case the future of the planet and our environment. By utilizing blockchain technology and Cartsei’s virtual machine, Creol is taking a big step forward and looks to stand out from the crowd by implementing trustless IoT solutions. We are looking forward to being a part of their growth in the coming years.



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