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Cartesi’s June 2021 Monthly Report

Cartesi Governance, More Listings, and Q2 Milestones Rolling Out!

July 2, 2021 June was another action-packed month for the Cartesi team!

June included a flurry of progress for Cartesi and CTSI. Most recently, we began rolling out our Q2 Milestones, having launched Noether’s PoS staking delegation on testnet as well as released our plans for the first fully decentralized poker tech showcase and its technical article. Finally, we also announced the rollout plan for Cartesi Rollups! We are beyond excited for what’s coming in the next few weeks.

In the continued expansion of support and integrations for CTSI, we had CTSI integrated as a payment solution on NOWPayments, allowing merchants to accept CTSI. We also listed on two additional exchanges: Poloniex and Bithumb! We also collaborated with PAID Network to provide an easy access launchpad for Cartesi Labs’ participants.

In addition to this, we also launched Cartesi Governance: Cartesi Improvement Proposals, marking the beginning of governance processes for the Cartesi ecosystem that will be progressively more decentralized. We are beyond excited to continually involve our community and decentralize Cartesi governance, further securing the future of the Cartesi ecosystem.

Alongside these thrilling ecosystem additions, we were beyond excited to reach over 80,000,000 CTSI staked on Noether’s current PoS system, welcoming additional members to the team and held a series of community events including new videos, a live AMA, and a retrospective roadmap.

If you also missed our most recent video around how Cartesi will decentralize the world, make sure to watch it below:

Want to learn more about June’s actions that are listed above? We’ve summarized each of them for you, have a read below:

Cartesi Launched the Next Phase of Noether’s PoS System

We were excited to announce the next phase of Noether’s PoS System: Staking Delegation on Testnet!

  • CTSI holders can now stake their tokens on pools managed by 3rd parties.
  • Rewards are automatically compounded and re-staked.
  • Node runners can easily set up nodes and manage pools.

As soon as the public test phase is completed, the Cartesi team will move the system to Mainnet.

In addition, we reached over 80,000,000 CTSI staked on Noether’s current PoS system. We are very excited to watch this grow as delegated staking comes live on mainnet.

Cartesi Texas HODL’em: Cartesi Brings Trust Back to Turn-Based Games

We announced the rollout for Cartesi Texas HODL’em on Polygon! ♣️

With Cartesi’s technology, gamers can play without worrying if the game will be taken down, if the rules will suddenly change, or if assets they own will become useless.

We also released it’s technical article: How Cartesi is Changing the Game: Introducing Cartesi Texas HODL’em

Watch for our MVP testing coming soon!

Cartesi Rollups Rollout

Building a rollups solution that enables Linux applications is no easy task and the team at Cartesi has worked for months on various different projects that ultimately constitute Cartesi Rollups.

More than that, several of the components that have been developed along the way are important pieces of infrastructure for the larger Ethereum community and Cartesi will publish them as independent software components under Open Source licenses.

In order to make an orderly delivery of Cartesi Rollups over the next weeks, the Cartesi team will publish each of its underlying components in a separate publication, together with their corresponding code. Here follows a brief overview of each of these projects.

  • State Fold
  • Transaction Manager
  • Rollups on-chain
  • Cartesi Node

For more details, check the Rollups Rollout article here!

Introducing Cartesi’s Governance System: Cartesi Improvement Proposals (CIP)! 🏛️

We announced the beginning of governance processes for the Cartesi ecosystem that will be progressively more decentralized. We are beyond excited to continually involve our community and decentralize Cartesi governance, further securing the future of the Cartesi ecosystem.

Exchange Listings

We were excited to announce that CTSI was listed on Bithumb, one of Korea’s largest exchanges with a direct Korean Won (KRW) pair!

We were also pleased to announce that Poloniex has listed CTSI!

Collaborations and Integrations

We continued integrations of CTSI as a payment method to expand its utility, having integrated with NOWPayments. NOWPayments is a non-custodial crypto payment gateway that lets individuals and merchants accept payments with auto coin conversion, expanding merchant use of Cartesi and CTSI.

We also announced a collaboration with PAID Network to further grow and accelerate Cartesi Labs projects! Initially, PAID’s launchpad, Ignition, will provide an easy access launchpad to Cartesi Labs’ participants.

Development Recap

If you missed our June development recap make sure to read through it to see what’s upcoming in terms of technical releases and DApp showcases.

Welcome to the Team

As the development of Cartesi products continues at a rapid pace, so does the growth of our team!

We were excited to welcome 4 more talented individuals with expertise in marketing and software engineering who will be joining us on our mission!

Community Updates

We are never more excited to see our community continue to grow and thrive! This month we did more update videos as well as a live AMA.

Internet Shutting Down from Erick de Moura, CEO of Cartesi:

Live AMA with Erick de Moura, CEO of Cartesi on

If you are interested in developing with Cartesi, working with the team, or hanging out in our community, don’t forget to join our community on Discord and follow along. Also, make sure to apply to the Cartesi Labs program!

Cartesi in the Media

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