Goodbye, Paris NFT Day. Hello, highlights.

From Metaverse to Main stage: Cartesi’s presence at Paris Blockchain Week’s NFT Day.

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4 min readApr 25, 2022


We’re on a roll! With only a week of rest after the amazing events at Ethereum Dubai, The Blockchain OS headed back on the road, this time presenting at Paris NFT Day. From taking part in panels discussing Layer-2s and bridges to explaining how an OS can endorse NFTs on Paris NFT Day’s master stage, we also loved meeting everyone at our booth and encouraging them to immerse themselves in Cartesi code.

Bringing together gaming, fashion, sports, music, metaverse, and much, much more, Paris NFT Day 2022 is the first European event to gather the whole NFT ecosystem. Hugely community-focused, we were excited to take part and welcome brands, developers, gamers, artists, and fans alike to The Blockchain OS. Want to know what Cartesi got up to in Paris? Check out our highlights reel:

Like what you see? Dive deeper into our highlights:

Hello, Paris. Welcome to The Blockchain OS.

One of the best parts about bringing The Blockchain OS to events is getting to connect with you! We loved chatting with visionaries, thinkers, and people from all sorts of creative backgrounds on how The Blockchain OS can not only make NFTs safer and greener but more importantly: smarter and truly yours.

It was also great to see Paris NFT Day reimagine the boundaries of the real and virtual world, with a fully immersive event replica made by RLTY in Decentraland. For those who couldn’t make it in person, they were able to jump into the metaverse, walk the event floor, check out talks and panels, visit the Cartesi booth and learn more about The Blockchain OS from core contributor Max.

Cartesi core contributor Max, manning our Paris NFT Day Metaverse booth.

Hello, Layer-2s, NFTs & Metaverse.

Cartesi Core Developer, Gabriel Coutinho in a panel discussing bridging NFTs across layers.

With over 100 public blockchains and the number still growing, how to easily and securely move your assets from one blockchain to another is becoming increasingly important. Cartesi Core Developer, Gabriel Coutinho joined major players building or working with layer-2 solutions to discuss exactly this issue. Alongside Solana, Monkey League, COTI, and Miami NFT, Gabriel gave a great overview of how The Blockchain OS can play a key role in this to Paris NFT Day attendees.

Cartesi Co-Founder Erick also joined from Taipei, giving a keynote on how an OS can endorse NFTs, making them Green, Affordable & Democratic. If you want to see how this logic of NFTs can be applied in blockchain gaming, check out Erick’s article:

Hello, dreamers and pioneers.

At the intersection of where blockchain meets art, we were excited to tap into the creative talent of Paris. At our booth, we encouraged visitors to go wild with their code-covered photos or video, sharing them on social media.

Hello, exclusive interviews

Alongside chatting to the local community, we also love getting into deep discussions with friends in the blockchain space. From blockchain gaming to sustainability, check out our interviews with Carlos Estigarribia, Director, Business Development at Wappier, and Cartesi Strategic Advisor Marina Niforos on YouTube to dive deeper into how The Blockchain OS is helping solve problems in each of these areas.

…that’s a wrap for Paris NFT Day 2022! Want to know where The Blockchain OS is heading next? Make sure to join our communities over on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram to keep up to date.

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