Why We Stopped Settling for Boring Fashion at Cartful

Cartful: a new fashion discovery engine

It’s hard to describe things in one word.

It seems inadequate to say that the laughter and camaraderie among new friends over drinks is merely fun. Or the brilliant, vibrant sweeps and abstract dashes of color of newly-added paintings at the Museum of Modern Art as only interesting. And, it’s unfathomable that the view of a burnt orange sunset, framed by deep waves knocking against the beach can be described as simply pretty.

While it’s hard to break the routine in our daily lives, we shouldn’t have to settle for plain and uninteresting, especially in what we wear. Fashion has always been a form of expression, whether it’s “I need coffee,” “Channeling my inner Beyonce,” or “Sun and vacation mood.” Our personality, mood, and soul is expressed in what we wear, allowing us to show the whole picture and tell the world that we are more than just one adjective, more than just a word.

However, if you’re not Blue Ivy et al., it may be hard to find those items that make you feel something that is more than just fun, interesting, or pretty. You may be tired of wearing the in-your-face logos, showing up to a party with the same dress as the next girl, or spending a whole month’s paycheck on a suit. We knew we were, and set out to build Cartful, a place where we can easily find new, exciting things that make us believe in our wardrobe again.

Find small brands that are personalized to you

After nearly two years of working on the idea out of our dorm rooms at Princeton University, we finally launched. Cartful is a fashion discovery engine that focuses on making small, new, up-and-coming brands accessible. Our mission is to highlight these brands as worthy alternatives to big-box retailers by being a “StumbleUpon for fashion.” With over 400 brands already on the site, we specifically curate brands that are lower in price, higher in quality, have an interesting story, or feature unique items. Workwear that doesn’t break the bank? The best American-made sweatshirts in the world? Bracelets made by artisans in Costa Rica? Shirts with 3D-printed butterflies? Our team only hand-picks the best brands, ones that we would trust enough to recommend to our best friends… and mother-in-law.

Join our mission to make the world a more expressive place, where small fashion is doing big things. Check us out at Cartful.co to discover the coolest brands… before your friends do.

One idea. Six people. Countless cups of matcha.

In November of 2014, Cartful came into being as a better and easier way to discover alternatives to mainstream fashion brands. Our philosophy is that the way we dress should reflect our sense of self — that’s why we’ve curated 400+ small brands that are either less expensive, better quality, or have an interesting story to tell.

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