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Write for Carthago and Get Paid

One of the Few Medium Publications To Pay its Writers

Write for Carthago, Educate the Masses, and Earn.

Carthago is a growing platform which aims to inform and educate the broader population about blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFTs, and Web3. The Carthago Team has been striving to put out as much information as possible, but is in need of passionate and dedicated writers to submit informational material to the publication.

Seeing as most medium publications do not pay their writers, The Carthago Team has decided to revolutionize that trend by paying its authors based on the performance of their articles. This is in addition to any medium partner program rewards you may earn for your writing.

Pay for your article is as follows:

1- 1500 reads: 5 CRO.

1501–3000 reads: 10 CRO, 5 ALGO, or $10 USD.

3001–5000 reads: 20 CRO, 10 ALGO, or $15 USD.

Payment would be transferred into your Crypto.Com DeFi wallet, Perra Algo Wallet, or Venmo/CashApp/Paypal account at the end of each month (when total stats are calculated).

To write for Carthago, the following pieces of information need to be submitted:

  1. Your article of at least 500 words with a clear title and sub-title.

2. A quality featured image for your article. If the image is someone else’s property please cite the owner in the caption.

3. Appropriate tags selected for your article.

4. Each piece of your article organized into proper sections with headings (Intro, Main Body, Conclusion).

5. Follow Carthago Publication (@Carthago).

6. Comment your username on Medium (@my…username) on this post.

7. Tell us in 1–4 sentences why you want to write for Carthago.

When you have fulfilled the above requirements feel free to submit your article to Carthago for publication. It will be reviewed no later than 48 hours after submission and, pending review, be accepted, rejected, or revisions requested.

Remember, your articles should always provide some type of guide or information to the audience in an easy to digest format! This is key!

If you have any other questions, feel free to email: carthagome (at) for further details or instructions.

We look forward to reviewing your literature!


The Carthago Team.

Keep In Touch:

Carthago is dedicated to creating greater accessibility for financial independence through education, tools, and tracking resources of potential wealth building assets. Carthago also aims to educate about blockchain, DeFi, Web3, NFTs, and Cryptocurrency assets.

If you’re interested in discussing crypto and financial independence, join the Carthago discord server:

If you want to stay tuned for crypto educational resources follow our youtube channel:



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